S&R Purchase Series: TOSTITOS

Jan 3, 2016

S&R offers a variety of imported products in large sizes. It could be a little overwhelming especially for small families like us. The large sized products isn't so ideal for us but we keep coming back for certain products like Starbucks Mocha pack, my dad keeps going back for his Tsingtao beer while my mom loves the Natur-a Organic Soy Beverage.

One day, during our visit, I saw this Tostitos pack. Along side it were the dips available. I'm not a fan of nachos but I really enjoyed the nachos my mom and I ate during my Uncle Mac's surprise party held at the Center Stage Family Ktv And Resto Bar. I was kind of craving for it so I decided to purchase the two dips and a pack of tortilla chips.

Though there's too much air in the packaging, I was surprised to find out a generous amount of chips in it (big cuts). A pack costs about Php150 and can be shared among a group of eight (8) people. The chips are flavored too so if you ran out of dip, don't worry because the chips are tasty as well.

I think the dips can last for a month depending on the usage. We bought the Salsa Con Queso and Chunky Salsa dips. The lid was easy to open and once opened, you can strongly smell the flavors of the dips. The Chunky Salsa had the strongest salsa smell.


The Chunky Salsa had the most salsa taste. For those who enjoys spicy food, they will really love this dip. But for people like me who's more into cheesy flavors, I, and my cousins as well, enjoyed the Salsa Con Queso. We love how the cheese and the salsa flavors complimented each other. It's a dip great for afternoon snacks while the Chunky Salsa was more for those who are drinking beer.

If I'm not mistaken, each dip costs about Php190. It's a pretty affordable dip because I've seen some dip in the local supermarkets that costs more than that and it was not even big enough to last for a month.

If you will be visiting an S&R branch, do check out this tortilla chips and dips. I swear, it's worth buying! It's a nice snack to share with family on an afternoon merienda or in a picnic/outing get-together with friends.


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