Star City Visit (2016)

Jan 9, 2016

Star City is one of the oldest amusement parks in the Philippines. I remember going there when I was still in grade school. I loved riding the caterpillar roller coaster, the carousel and the bumper car. I also remember how I don't mind the waiting time to get to ride those. So much memories in that amusement park.

We got to visit the park last Sunday. From Mall of Asia, we arrived there at around 7pm. There was way less people now compared from the last two months. The ticketing booths weren't so busy and there was parking space inside Star City! 
I couldn't remember much of how it looked like when I was younger but based on what my dad can recall, he says that though the entrance is still the same, still, a lot have changed. There are more games, rides and food stalls.

We only got an admission pass because I knew that even though ticketing booths were busy when we arrived, the lines of the rides are still long. We can hear the screams of customers from different rides so it means that queues are most likely still long. And before we continued our tour inside and to the rides area of the park, I bought Popperoo to keep me company. 

We spent most of our time watching the people play the carnival games since we are not into the rides anyway. My mom wanted to go to the Snow World but I remember, the last time I went there, I almost froze to death. 

I forgot the name of the game but this is what my parents tried. You will need a token to play. A token costs Php 17 and a token is equivalent to one ball. You will toss the ball and it should fall on the colored holes in order to win a small, medium or large prize. It was quite hard because the play area seems like it has air surrounding it causing the ball to keep moving even if it had almost stopped.

After my dad tried the game above, we went outside where the big rides are located. Near the entrance/exit, I saw this Straight Line game. You will also toss the ball and you must make sure that the ball falls in a straight line. It looks easy but I tell, it's harder than I thought! The balls were too bouncy! But it was quite fun trying it out and hoping to win a small prize. I felt like a child again.

We were surprised to find this extension across the Wild River ride. There were about 4 adult rides and some children rides inside it. There were also some entrance to new parks which we were no longer able to explore as we were already too tired.

What really caught out attention is this new ride called Star Frisbee. Even by watching it, I was already loosing breath! I would literally die riding that. I admire those who has the courage to ride that. Haha! You can view a short video of it below. Excuse the shaky footage.

Though it was a very tiring visit, we were able to somehow enjoy the amusement park. It was nice to visit again after so many years. It was fun watching the youth scream their hearts out from the rides. Their screams were enough to make us feel thrilled too. Haha.

Personally, I'm over this kind of rides. I have already enjoyed it back in college. I'm more into other exciting activities like flow boarding, drifting and many others. We just came here to visit, see what has changed and remember the good old days.


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