The Fun & First Banta Family Reunion

Jan 19, 2016

We don't have a big family but we don't often get the chance to be together because usually, me, my parents and my uncle are always in Papua New Guinea. But last year, December 2015, we finally had the chance to be complete. And though we were missing our Inay Belen, my grandmother, we know she was looking down on us and smiling.

We held our first ever Banta Family Reunion at Seascape Resort. We found out about the place through my mom. The owner of the resort was her former high school classmate. We surely got good discounts out of it! Hehe.

We chose to rent the tree house instead of the regular cottages because it was covered, had enough space for all of us (it can accommodate up to 15 pax), and it had a videoke! 

As soon as we arrived, the kids jumped to the pool, the adults started cooking the bbq and preparing some of the food while chatting about all sorts of things while I, together with my other cousins who are just a few years younger than me, are endlessly taking selfies here and there. Mahehe.

A Pinoy handaan would not be complete without Pancit!

Whoever invented the selfie stick/monopod is a genius! Seriously!

This was a banner my smaller cousins prepared. Those kids really love doing this kind. I'll be showing you the other works they made for our family events and gatherings. The funny thing here was that drawing in the bottom middle of the banner. It was a sketch of our lolo (grandfather). If you will notice, there was a shadow-like figure beside it. We all thought it was his shadow but when we asked the kids who made it, they said it was meant to be our Inay Belen's spirit. HAHA! Super laugh trip talaga!

One day, Anton (our baby) will see this and he will be ashamed to realize he almost ruined the almost perfect and happy family picture. Haha! Just kidding AIR! We knew you were really pissed off because we were more concerned on taking a decent and perfect family picture than getting you a bottle of milk. Lol!

Believe it or not, we had the resort for ourselves! Haha! Yes! I'm not kidding! We were the only customers for that day. Besides, who would go swimming on the 30th of December, right? Most families are out of town or probably preparing for the new year's eve. Or maybe, we were just really lucky to be the only customers that day. 

Before we began the exchanging of gifts, we had our photo opp. We, the grand children, had the chance to go first. Then next were the in laws and of course, the daughter and sons. This was my father's side, by the way.

I know these two will kill me for including this photo but I just can't stop laughing whenever I see this! Look at Anton's face! HAHA. He was very clueless to what was happening... why was his Ate shouting and what was his Kuya trying to do?! Haha!

After the photo opp, we began a simple and unplanned program. We asked our Tatay (grandfather) to make a speech. I was called in front to host. And just like what I always do, I make him cry. He's such a cry baby. When he starts sobbing, I can't help but laugh. Haha! Super dali kasi talaga nyang paluhain. *grins*

"Bakit mo ga ako laging pinaiiyak?" his serious question to me

Even my uncle laughs! I'm not the only mean one, okay? Haha!

I went back to fidgeting my phone as I soon as I passed the microphone to my dad. Parang walang nangyaring pagpapaiyak. 'Cause I'm cool loike that. Hehe!

My dad continued the program and led us to sing the birthday song for Ishie, my cousin, whose birth day was that exact day. She was actually ranting a week before at how unfair it was for people whose birthday falls on the month of December. They only get to receive a single gift for two occasions: birthday and Christmas. Haha!

After singing, we began our exchange gifts. Our Tatay went first and then whoever is his monito or monita would go after him. We had to describe the person we picked and the other family members will guess who it was. The most epic one was for Reian.

My uncle describing who was his monita.

Reian before reacting.
Kuya Rigor: Ang nabunot ko ay... pangit! (The person I picked is... ugly!)
Everyone: *laughs and looks at Reian because he always teases Reian to be ugly*
Reian: *looks straight to Kuya and said with feelings* Kilala ko kaya ang nakabunot sa akeeeeen!!! (I know who got my name!!!)

Wahahahaha! React pa more! Well, we were right after all. She was Kuya Rigor's monita. Haha!

The birthday celebrant

I was Ate Chie's monita

Marea was my monita
I got the pink dress I'm wearing in both the first and last photo of this post. I was actually expecting a 500 pesos bill since that's what I wrote in my wishlist. But turns out, I got a gift that costs more than that. Hehe. Big thank to Ate Chie! Ideal #ootd for summer!

While I gave Marea a MICHAELA sling bag. Since we are often teased or mistaken as twins, might as well buy one for myself too! So I did. Terno kami ng bag. Hehe.

It was not a bonggang family reunion but we all had a lot of fun. We definitely enjoyed each other's company and the gifts we gave to one another. Though we're missing one, having a new family member somehow made us feel complete.

If you think the fun ended in the above photo, you're wrong. We continued the bonding moments and the boy's drinking session at our family home. Sulit na sulit ang family time! We're already looking forward the next. Hehe.


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