The Not-So Only Child.

Jan 5, 2016

"How is it being the only child?" or "Do you get whatever you want?" are just a few of the common things other people ask me when they find out I'm the only child. True though, I have been blessed with a generous grandmas and parents who provides me with whatever I want. But I wouldn't call myself a spoiled brat as I don't always get what I want, contrary to what many believes.

I always say, "I may be an unica ija but I'm so blessed to have these two.". For people who may not know us that well, people usually think we're siblings when we're together. These are my cousins, namely Ean and Marea or simply Eya who has been like my brother and sister. Even when I was in Papua New Guinea, they've always sent me letters and pictures as if I'm their Ate working abroad. Lol.

I'm usually with Eya. We have been close to each other ever since she was born. And even when we grew up, I remained closer to Eya because Ean was either playing basketball or computer games. Since he's a boy, he's always with the boys and he hates being around us. Haha!

It was only recently that he began going with us. He now takes selfies with us, hugs us and sits with us during family gatherings. He more open to us now than before. It's just cute at how he shares who he is courting now and he don't easily get annoyed if we ask too much question about his love life.

Eya is like my sister but there are still limitations. We share what we feel like sharing; unlike other sisters who share their heartaches and their daily lives with each other. We just respect each other's privacy. If she feels like sharing something with me, she can do so. And vice versa.


We only get to bond when we go to the province where they reside. We may not talk daily but we know we will always have each other's back when we need support. That even if we have our own families, we'd be like brothers and sisters, always checking on each other.

If I were to give an advise to other unica ija's out there...

Learn to appreciate what you have. I know how lonely it is to be the only child. But you can get the comfort, care and love from the other people around you - may it be within your family or your circle of friends.

Let's connect and be friends!

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