To my Future Boyfriend

Jan 2, 2016

Dear Future Boyfriend,

My family has always been looking for you. They keep asking me where you are and when I will introduce you to them. I always joke around saying, "Naliligaw pa ata." (I think he's lost.)

Come to think of it, I wonder if we have met before? I wonder if you're that cute guy ordering an espresso macchiato to go over the Starbucks counter. Or that smart guy in glasses that sat next to me in the bus on my ride to Manila. I also wonder if you're that random guy that bumped me in the mall while I was busy refreshing my Facebook newsfeed on my phone or that guy that smiled at me in a buffet restaurant I love visiting. And I do wonder too if you're a good friend of mine, still denying to yourself that I actually matter to you. Hahaha! Assumera.

How was your New Year's Eve? Did you also smile at the fireworks while thinking of me and the idea that soon, we'd finally meet? Did you bow down your head after, still smiling, with the thought and hope that this year, we'd get to finally enjoy each other's company?

Regardless if we've met before or we've known each other for years... know that I'm just here, patiently waiting for fate to bring us closer. I'm not rushing, just to make it clear. It is really my family and friends who are way too excited to meet you. I can just imagine the questions they will be asking you when I introduce you to them. They're actually expecting you on the 9th which is our Family's Grand Reunion. Oh boy, here's comes the pressure! Hehe.

I'm just too happy and, okay I admit, somewhat excited with the idea that someday, I will be able to take selfies with you. I will no longer have to dine alone. I will have someone to share the bucket of popcorn with on movies and I will finally have someone to say my good mornings and sweet dreams to.

You see, I've been single for quite some time now and there are just really times I do miss having someone special. I don't know if you're in a relationship now or also single but I hope you're happy and enjoying life just like what I'm doing now. Go on and travel. Meet new people and make friends. Try out different foods and try out extreme adventures. So that you can share them with me after I share with you the kind of life I had while waiting for you or while searching for you. :)

I do look forward to crossing roads with you... if not soon, at least in God's perfect time. We have so much to talk about and so much to learn from each other. But for now... I wish you a great year ahead and always far from harm. Kasi magkikita pa tayo, diba? Hehe. Happy New Year to you, my Future!


Your Furture Girlfriend


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