Wooden Hangers: Where to best buy them?

Jan 28, 2016

As my good friend Bea says it, one of my major adulthood milestones I want to achieve this year is to have all wooden hangers in my closet as well. Some of you may think it's just hangers, for crying it out loud. But I guess, for fashionistas, it speaks something else.
It's like having a handsome watch for men and a luxurious bag for some women. To some like me and Bea, it speaks of sophistication and lifestyle. And most of all, it speaks of maturity.
Sure you'll find wooden hangers in different malls in the Philippines but they are quite pricey to buy if you have a tight budget. It almost seems impractical. But recently, I found out where to best buy wooden hangers! Filipinos may already have an idea because it's always where great deals are found.

I got to buy a dozen of wooden hangers for just Php 250 (US$5.21). In some malls, I have seen them selling this for Php 150 (3 pcs only). You can get a huge discount if you buy a couple more dozens.

You can easily buy this from any retail store supplies stall inside 168 Mall. You may also find this in other malls in Divisoria but this particular wooden hangers I bought was from the second floor of 168 Mall. It's thick but not that heavy. It holds the clothes nicely. I can imagine my closet looking like the cover photo above.

For those who sell clothes online, I highly recommend that you invest these. It makes the clothes look more appealing compared to the regular plastic ones. I use these hangers when taking photos of my items for my online shop. It gives that professional look to it especially on a minimalist background.

I still need a lot more to fill my closet space. Hopefully, by the end of this year, I would have all wooden hangers and finally get to cross out it out from my 2016 bucket list. How about you? What steps are you doing to make your closest look as pretty as the clothes in it?

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own the first photo in this post. It was grabbed from www.designocd.com. But the rest of the photos in this post are mine. 

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