The Philippine Pyromusical Competition is an annual event held at SM Mall of Asia by the scenic. It showcases different pyrotechnic displays from different countries which lights up the Manila Bay sky with brilliant bursts of vivid colors. I have been attending this for years now and will never get tired of attending. Here's why I love attending this event:

I have been talking about the Pyromusical Competition lately. I met different people through this event and when they find out I've been watching this for a couple of years now, they usually ask me who were the winners from the past years. That gave me an idea to share with you the winners of the Pyromusical Competition from year 1 to year 6.

Below are the short clips of the fireworks display of the grand champions from past years while I provided direct links to the videos of the other countries for your reference. 

If you're following me on Facebook, you'll know that I was at Mall of Asia early yesterday for the #MOAPyro2016. I wanted to secure a good spot to take photos. I was excited to see United Kingdom's entry as they are one of the countries that are always on the top 3 winners. I was not wrong. It was worth the time, effort and money! Italy's performance this year was surprising too! It was better than last year's entry, though I think it's a different group or team.

Allow me to share with you some of my shots from last night's show.

The first book of Kath got me really hooked! Now, there's a new book I'm excited to share to you: What Am I To You, prequel of the book, Before I Do. The first episode is out at Bookbed and according to the author, Bookbed will be releasing the other episodes or chapters every Tuesday or Thursday evening. There's something new to look forward to every week!

Cats are one of the adorable pets humans from different parts of the world can own. But unfortunately, one of the main reason why most hate cats is because they scratch. Men are not into cats, while some women are just too afraid at how mean cats can become. So I'm here to share with you why I personally love cats and why I'm not afraid of their scratches anymore.

I have been attending the Pyromusical Competition for a couple of years now and I will never get tired watching it. I was again able to attend the opening by our very own, Platinum Fireworks Inc., followed by the first competitor's (Luso Pirotecnia of Portugal) fireworks display entry. It was my first time to watch it with my parents. It was my parents' first time to watch a 15-20 minute firework display and I'm glad they enjoyed it. Matter of fact, we will be watching it again tomorrow.

Below are few shots I took during the fireworks display from both country (Philippines and Portugal). These may not be the best firework photographs you'll see but know that I'm slowly learning and improving year by year. Hehe.

Yesterday was the viewing of my Kuya Mac's condo unit. I was invited to take photos of the unit and help him with the interior designing. I was excited to see how Shell Residences look like inside and what's their difference from the Sea Residences which my other uncle has a unit in; and where we have always stayed in when we're at Manila for a couple of days stay.

Last night, we were at Mall of Asia for dinner after Kuya Mac's condo viewing at Shell Residences. We were very hungry and since we were already walking along seaside, we decided to choose a restaurant within the area. We didn't want to go to buffets last night so we decided to go for Giligans. We knew our orders would arrive quite late than usual as there was a lot of crowd outside but we didn't expect to wait for our order for an hour! Worst is, our order were incomplete.

I have been single for years now but I never felt lonely because I have such a loving family and very thoughtful friends who never fails to make me feel special. They have their own simple ways of making me feel loved. And this Stitch bouquet surprise is one of them!

Fragrance is as important as how we aim to look good when we dress up. Our scent completes the entire outfit and moreover, it helps uplift not only our moods but also the moods of other people around us. Isn't it amazing at how a scent somehow expresses our personality also?

There are a lot of fragrances available in the market. Usually, the designer ones are the most expensive which lasts longer than the affordable ones. I remember receiving a Versache's Baby Rose Jean's perfume bottle from my Ate Richie but I had to really control my usage. It smells so good and it lasts long on both cloth and skin. After using the perfume for months, it somehow became my scent. There was one time when I lost my handkerchief at school and my classmates knew it was mine not because of the design of the fabric but because of its smell.

Doing this weekly blog series made me realize how fast a week can go! I almost forgot it's Friday if it weren't for the Bubble Gang TV Show! Haha! Anyway, here's my Friday's 10 Happy Things:

1. Won the iRover blog raffle
If you're my follower in Facebook, you'd probably seen my post about winning something. It's an iRover from CD-R King. I joined the blog raffle via a Facebook blog group and luckily, I won! I honestly had no expectation because I saw that a lot have joined the raffle. I'm just very lucky.

Valentine's is a few days from now. Couples are beginning to plan out their V-day especially that it once again fell on a weekend. I've been single for years and it was only last year that I celebrated it with my friends. But for the previous years, I spend my Valentine's day at home, watching rom-com movies which accompanies me throughout the night and makes me believe that I will once again fall happily in love just like the love birds who are still out celebrating.
We, single ladies, have the choice to feel miserable on Valentine's day or find ways to make ourselves better. If you know you'd feel envious of your friends' posts about their V-dates and their V-gifts, then unplug from social media and find other ways to occupy your mind. You can probably read a book or watch a movie! I highly suggest the latter as based on experience, it really helps uplift a lonely girl's spirit on Valentine's day.
Here's a quick list of the rom-com movies I will never get tired watching. They are hilarious and inspiring at the same time. Watch these movies back-to-back and you will not notice how you spent your day inspired and in love rather than sobbing yourself to sleep and hating the universe for not giving you a special someone to celebrate the day with.

Remember those times when we only get to taste cakes during special occasions like birthdays, and weddings? We are always excited to have the cakes sliced. We hurry to get our own slice before it runs out. Yup! That's how it used to be. Things are different now. You can buy any cake, any time, anywhere! There are even more flavors now unlike before which was usually mocha, chocolate, and vanilla cakes. Consumers can now buy a slice of the cake they've been wanting to have on their cheat days. 

I think the temporary metallic tattoos fad has died down but because summer is already around the corner, I'm pretty sure that these tats would go viral again. Since getting a permanent tattoo is a big decision to make, most female opt for flash tattoos. And I just found a book that will complete my summer vibes: the Choose Your Own TAT-venture.

I thought I'd be ending this week sad and frustrated. I thought I'd be skipping this Friday's 10 Happy Things. I thought I'd have nothing to put here but luckily, good things happened and I was also able to look at the simple things that brought me happiness.
pizzaria in mall of asia

We went to Baclaran to find the big and old shop that sells fabric. However, we couldn't find it anymore. My mom believes that the shop closed or at least transferred. We couldn't ask other people in the area as my mom can't remember the name of the store anymore. To make the most of our travel, we went to Cartimar then headed back to Mall of Asia. It was a very hot and tiring day so we needed a cozy place to eat in. We saw D' Angelo Pizzaria. We did not really plan to eat here but it was the only place near us at that time and it was not full so we gave it a try.

I think it is anyone's nature to make sure that our events be successful and be the best for us and for our guests. We want it to be memorable and close to perfection. As someone who has experienced organizing events, venues are as important as our guests. The venue's location should be accessible, the environment should be pleasant and most importantly, it should be spacious enough for the guests. Even if you have the money and a great program ready for execution, if you're venue makes your guests uncomfortable, it's useless.