Happy Valentines!

Feb 14, 2016

I have been single for years now but I never felt lonely because I have such a loving family and very thoughtful friends who never fails to make me feel special. They have their own simple ways of making me feel loved. And this Stitch bouquet surprise is one of them!

I went to Manila early yesterday for the #MOAPyro2016. My parents came late that night to watch with me. Mom told me a package came from Yanille. I told her its probably something she wanted me to review about. Then my mom almost ruined the surprise by saying, "I think it's a bouquet of flowers."

I was feeling all the excitement last night; for the fireworks display and the fact that I received a bouquet for Valentines! So much excitement that it somehow drained the energy in me. When we got home past midnight, I hurriedly opened the package. Then instead of flowers, I saw little faces of Stitch!!! That just completely drained my energy. Placed it back to its plastic packaging and went to bed. I did not have much time to react. 

Waking up this morning, I honestly almost forgot about it. When I got up, I saw it on my table and felt the same joy and excitement that was cut short last night. And as I type this post, I can't help but stare at it!

It's just touching at how some friends pay attention to your Facebook posts and how they thought of surprising you with it. This was really a cute surprise to have on a Valentines day.

Special thanks to Yanille Dalangin for this beautiful Valentines surprise gift. Though we no longer talk or see each other that often, I'm thankful that she's still there for me. 


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