Attend the Pyromusical Competition For These Reasons

Feb 27, 2016

The Philippine Pyromusical Competition is an annual event held at SM Mall of Asia by the scenic. It showcases different pyrotechnic displays from different countries which lights up the Manila Bay sky with brilliant bursts of vivid colors. I have been attending this for years now and will never get tired of attending. Here's why I love attending this event:

Why I Love Attending the Pyromusical Competition
at Mall of Asia

1. It feels magical.

The reason why I always go back watching the Pyromusical Competition is because everything feels so magical. I feel like I'm in some Hogwarts school where there are magic spells thrown to the air. The different and colorful sparks of light seems like an enchantment to its audience. It's very captivating!

2. I get to practice my photography skills.

As much as I want to capture short firework displays in our neighborhood during New Year's eve, I can't. Meralco cables, huge trees, and house roofs are usually blocking the view. This is also why I love attending this competition. I get to practice and improve my photography skills in terms of fireworks photography. You can view some of my fireworks photo from these posts: #MOAPyro2015 and #MOAPyro2016.

3. I get the chance to meet new people.

Because I go there early, I get to meet different people who are sitting next to me or around the area. I have met people living in Laguna, in Batangas, in Quezon City, and those from Bulacan. Just like me, they really do travel to watch this event. It's great knowing why they watch this event with who they are with.

4. It excites me.

I don't travel much. I don't go out on Friday nights. I don't attend concerts. I honestly live quite a boring life. That's why having this competition brings spark to my boring life. It excites me to see the entries from other countries. It's like having something to look forward to every February and March.

5. The crowd's noise if uplifting.

We live in a world where most noises are irritating. The noise of vehicle horns, the noises of building constructions, the noises of people shouting and cursing, and many more annoying noises that somewhat ruins the peaceful day you wish to have.

When I first attended this event, I wanted to take a video but there were so much noise in the area. Surprisingly, it was not annoying; it's rather uplifting. You will hear the "wows", the "ahhs", the "awwws" and the  "yaaays". These are the noises of amusement and the amusement of other people somehow affects mine. It's like a domino effect of good vibes.


You may not really get what I'm trying to say through these reasons unless you give it a try. You don't need to watch every Saturday. You can watch your preferred country or those countries that are always on the top 3.

If it will be your first time to watch, I suggest you choose and buy the GOLD ticket. Here are some tips for first time watchers of Pyromusical Competition.


Should I be seeing you at the #MOAPyro2016 later? :)


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