Cakes by Katerina, SM Dasmariñas

Feb 7, 2016

Remember those times when we only get to taste cakes during special occasions like birthdays, and weddings? We are always excited to have the cakes sliced. We hurry to get our own slice before it runs out. Yup! That's how it used to be. Things are different now. You can buy any cake, any time, anywhere! There are even more flavors now unlike before which was usually mocha, chocolate, and vanilla cakes. Consumers can now buy a slice of the cake they've been wanting to have on their cheat days. 

One of the bakeshops I passed through that offers a variety of cakes is Cakes by Katerina. During their opening, I've seen their beautiful made-to-order cakes and their signature cakes. However, I didn't get to try them asap as I was always in a hurry. Finally, just last week, I got to try them out.

Their store in SM Dasmarinas is very easy to locate. It's on the lower ground floor, near Booksale Bookstore and Photoline. Their lighted and big signage also helps attract other customers passing by. They have a good amount of tables and chairs for those who wants to dine-in.

As mentioned above, they have a variety of cakes and other baked goods to choose from. I chose Kat's Signature cake which was Kit Kat that day because I needed something sweet to energize me and I was not ready to try new flavors. It was Php 90 per slice. Together with the cake, I ordered a lemon iced tea.

I made a mistake in ordering a lemon iced tea with this kind of cake. Both was too sweet to consume so I had to buy a mineral water. This cake had that rich chocolate flavor with little of the KitKat taste. It actually delicious but it was a little too sweet for me.  For people who loves sweet cakes, they'll love this for sure! If only I had chosen another drink that compliments a sweet taste, I would have finished this cake. However, they only had a few cold beverages on their menu. Lemon iced tea was the only drink I thought would have balanced the sweetness since their other drinks were iced latte, iced coffee, chocolate caramel, chocolate blend, and cookies & cream.

Though the cake was too sweet for me, I was still satisfied with my visit and my order. I just hope they would offer more cold beverages like fruit juice drinks or any other kind of cold beverage that can balance the sweetness of their cakes and other pastries.

I will be back soon to try their macaroons and cookies. :)

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DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. I availed their product using my own money. All photos and opinion in this post are my own.

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