Cat Scratches: Not afraid of it.

Feb 20, 2016

Cats are one of the adorable pets humans from different parts of the world can own. But unfortunately, one of the main reason why most hate cats is because they scratch. Men are not into cats, while some women are just too afraid at how mean cats can become. So I'm here to share with you why I personally love cats and why I'm not afraid of their scratches anymore.

I'm also afraid of cats before. They really tend to be stubborn. You cannot predict their moods. It's like their very sweet now and will be mean to you in the next minute. But if you learn to love, understand and accept a cat's behavior, you'll look past this things and appreciate them for what they are.

I have been scratched so many times by the different cats - may it be our own cat or some other people's cat. I was even bitten by one before! I admit it's painful in the beginning but I learned that cat scratches won't kill me. It may hurt now but it will heal in a week's time, unless of course, the cut's too deep. And I'm not the kikay kind so I'm not afraid of having scars. Besides, there are some ointment that helps minimize scar marks.

I eventually got used to having cat scratches. And because I'm no longer afraid of it, I enjoy playing with cats even more now. I especially love annoying Trixie, my dad's cat. He's always asleep. He's lazy and sometimes mean to me so in return I annoy him. Me annoying him is our playtime. He runs after me leg, jumps around my room and basically just play with any thing he finds interesting.

One time, I was just hugging Trixie and he jumped away from me, causing these scratches on my thigh from his claws. You can see how my thighs looked like right after he jumped away in this post. It was really painful but with the help of Terramycin PLUS, it's healing faster. 

Cats are naturally not as sweet as dogs but they can be loving and playful too. They just have their own way of showing affection which we must learn to understand and accept.


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