D' Angelo Pizzaria

Feb 5, 2016

pizzaria in mall of asia

We went to Baclaran to find the big and old shop that sells fabric. However, we couldn't find it anymore. My mom believes that the shop closed or at least transferred. We couldn't ask other people in the area as my mom can't remember the name of the store anymore. To make the most of our travel, we went to Cartimar then headed back to Mall of Asia. It was a very hot and tiring day so we needed a cozy place to eat in. We saw D' Angelo Pizzaria. We did not really plan to eat here but it was the only place near us at that time and it was not full so we gave it a try.

There were only two (2) table occupied when we came. We chose to sit near the entrance. A staff approached us immediately as we got seated. She handed us their menu. My mom and I didn't want to eat anything heavy that night so we ordered a pasta we can both share. My dad ordered a creamy garlic potato soup and a seafood marinara pasta. We also tried their Hawaiian pizza. As for our drinks, I got a soda, my mom an iced tea and my dad a bottled water. The drinks were served first followed by the soup.

creamy soup from d angelo pizzaria
Creamy Garlic Potato Soup - Php 95

As we were waiting for our pasta and pizza, a lady approached us and gave us these raffle tickets for free. All we have to do is complete the form. There's nothing wrong with trying, right? We won't be expecting much but it would be a great opportunity to win this travel raffle to Tokyo Disneyland.

A few minutes after, the pasta were served. The spaghetti carbonara was delicious. I loved the cream sauce! It was not that creamy nor bland. If there's something I'll come back for in this restaurant, it would be this carbonara. 

creamy carbonara in spaghetti pasta
Carbonara - Php178 (regular)

I was also eyeing for the seafood marinara but I might not be able to finish it. My dad gave me some to taste it and it was OK. I didn't taste anything special about it. Quite frankly, I like Shakey's seafood marinara than this. But when I asked my dad's opinion, he said he liked it. So I guess I just prefer a stronger marinara flavor.

Seafood Marinara - Php248 (regular)

The last to be served was the pizza. We were quite disappointed at how it turned out. It was no where near the picture in their menu. It was also quite smaller than expected. And we find the cheese too much for a Hawaiian pizza. The cheese dominated the entire flavor of the pizza. We hardly tasted the pineapple unless you bite one pineapple tidbit.

pizza with pineapple tidbits and ham
Hawaiian 10 inches - Php264


Well, the place was very relaxing especially that there were only a few customers when we were there. Though we loved the pasta, we were not that happy with our pizza order. The service was rather slow. We had to always wave our hands to call the attention of their staff who are chitchatting over the counter area. We know there were only a few people when we went there but that shouldn't be a reason why they're not paying attention to their customer's needs.

I just hope they will improve their service more and work on giving more flavor to their other food especially their Hawaiian pizza . Despite these turn-downs, we will still be dining here again as there are more meals to try.

You may want to visit their Facebook page or their website for more updates about their latest promotions and/or new meals in their menu.


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