Friday's 10 Happy Things vol. 6

Feb 6, 2016

I thought I'd be ending this week sad and frustrated. I thought I'd be skipping this Friday's 10 Happy Things. I thought I'd have nothing to put here but luckily, good things happened and I was also able to look at the simple things that brought me happiness.

1. Recover Photos

This is a main reason why I'm happy this week. The other day, I found out that I have lost thousands of files (mostly photographs). I still don't know how it got deleted or if it got corrupted but I'm so very happy I was able to retrieve it. Big thanks to the people who helped me.

2. YouBlogYou

Though the series is currently on idle. I'm still receiving links of other bloggers who also joined. I'm even receiving messages asking me the next volume for the series. I'm just completing the questions and it will be available the following week next week. Hopefully!

3. Almost Done with Website

I'm currently constructing an e-commerce website for my online shop. I'm just happy that I'm almost done with it. I can't wait to launch it! Please do support me and my online business.

4. Met Nicole Again

I used to babysit this girl. I taught her how to swim and I play with her all the time. Then I had to leave to Philippines for college. Because she's just a baby then, she doesn't remember me anymore. But I was very happy to see her again! She's so big now and she's still that mataray kid I have been patiently baby-sitting before. Haha.

5. S&R Garlic and Shrimp Pizza

I was finally able to try S&R's pizza! I was very delighted with the garlic and shrimp pizza. Though after eating a slice of that pizza made my mouth feel I had a growing boy bawang inside, I was really satisfied. I'm actually craving for it now as I'm typing this!

6. Table Scale

I needed to weigh the clothes I'm selling for the website to accurately compute the shipping rates. I had been looking for a table scale. I searched online and saw a site that sells it. The However, when I inquired the price, it was way too pricey and the shipping fee to my home was just crazy! That's why I was happy to find a table scale with flat plate in a store within Robinson's Mall. Bought it for just Php 800!

7.  Aquaria Passes

I have been wanting to go to this resort! It's quite far from my place and it's kinda out of the way when go to Batangas to my dad's family. But now, I will finally get the chance to experience Aquaria. I will be receiving two complimentary day tour passes within this week! Yaaay!

8.  Invitations

I received two invitations this week. One for an event happening next Thursday (which details I can't disclose yet) and the other is from the owner of The Grub. I was invited to visit their kiosk in my own time to try out their DIY burger! Excited to try them out as I have been recently into burgers and I don't know why.

9. Help a Friend

I'm happy to have helped a friend. He needed a credit card to pay for his exam online. He asked if he could use my BPI e-Prepaid card instead. I don't see anything wrong so I gave him my details. It just feels good to help others in our own simple ways. 

10. Twin Lakes

FINALLY! I got to drop by Twin Lakes today. As in, today, Friday, the 5th of February! I was able to also dine in Bag of Beans Twin Lakes branch! It's such a pretty restaurant! I'm crossing out two things in my bucket list tonight. I'm very much happy.


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