Friday's 10 Happy Things vol. 7

Feb 12, 2016

Doing this weekly blog series made me realize how fast a week can go! I almost forgot it's Friday if it weren't for the Bubble Gang TV Show! Haha! Anyway, here's my Friday's 10 Happy Things:

1. Won the iRover blog raffle
If you're my follower in Facebook, you'd probably seen my post about winning something. It's an iRover from CD-R King. I joined the blog raffle via a Facebook blog group and luckily, I won! I honestly had no expectation because I saw that a lot have joined the raffle. I'm just very lucky.

2. Catch up with Deanna

Went to Fairview the other day to a branch opening ceremony. I took this invitation a chance to finally catch up with my high school best friend, Deanna. We spent hours talking about how our life has been for the past months. I don't think she got to study for her exams! Haha! She's taking medicine in FEU by the way.

3. Merienda date with Tita Lily

Since I was already in the area, I also took the time to meet my ever sosyal Tita... my Tita Lily. She treated me a merienda at Banapple! I remember planning to eat there through Glenda's post. Big thanks to Tita Ly for making it possible earlier than expected.

4. Free Perfume Making Seminar
As mentioned in #2, I went to Fairview for a store opening. After the ceremony, we were advised that they will be offering a perfume making seminar for FREE! I was kind of worried to attend since I will still be going home to Cavite that day. But gratefully, I stayed. I learned to create my own perfume and learned that this could be a raket I can have.

5. Met new bloggers

Through the event mentioned above also, I met new bloggers! This is the reason why I love joining events. I get to meet new people, extend my network and just learn from one another.

In the event I met Tita Myrns, Ate Gracee, Ate Zheyme, Ate Jing, Ate Angelyn and also, I saw Ate Ace! I didn't recognize Ate Ace right away so we didn't get to speak with each other. I was kind of shy to approach them. But still, I was happy to meet a few of them.

6. Extended free trial of Co-Schedule

I'm very happy to know that Co-Schedule extended their free trial for other users to experience their new features. Co-Schedule is indeed a very helpful calendar tool for bloggers and social media managers. It's just a little pricey so I can't afford it yet. Probably if I start earning more from my blog site, I would be available their service. For now, I only rely from their free trials. Hehe. #Poorita4Life

7. HaiNaKu book copy

Tita Lily handed me a Php 500 after our merienda date. I refused but she insisted. Hindi ko na tatanggihan ang grasya for the second time around! Haha! I was to take the train from Trinoma so I decided to drop by National Bookstore. Saw that they have copies of Hai[NA]Ku and that it fits my extra money so I bought myself a copy. Expect a review about the book soon.

8. Hassle free travel from Fairview

My travel schedule was changed due to #3 and #4 on this list. I had to adjust and the best way was to change my travel routes. Instead of traveling by bus, I had to find another transportation. I decided to take an FX from Fairview Terraces to Trinoma. Took the MRT from there to EDSA Taft station then rode the bus to Coastal Mall Terminal. And from there, I took the Trece/Indang bus.

Amazingly, I quite hassle free travel than I expected. Traffic was moderate from Fairview Terraces to Trinoma. The lines for the MRT that time (around 7PM) was not long. I got a seat in the ladies train. Though it took about 10 minutes or more to get out of Taft Station, I got a bus to Coastal Mall easily and the travel to the terminal was smooth. No traffic also in Cavite so I got home earlier than expected. That truly brought smile to my face. Makes me want to go to Fairview again. Haha!

9. Bar/Resto business pushing through

Today, investments were received and were deposited today. Looks like this business is really pushing through. So there's a bigger chance that my parents will be staying for good. That makes this number my favorite happy thing this week.

10. New inquiries for online shop

I just got new inquiries for my shop. Though some are not buying after answering their questions, the fact that there are customers contacting me simply means that people are still visiting my online shop. I admit I lack marketing now as I'm finishing my website, that's why I'm happy that there are still some people visiting and browsing through my products.


Well, that's about my 10 Happy Things this week.
What's yours?


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