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Feb 19, 2016

Yesterday was the viewing of my Kuya Mac's condo unit. I was invited to take photos of the unit and help him with the interior designing. I was excited to see how Shell Residences look like inside and what's their difference from the Sea Residences which my other uncle has a unit in; and where we have always stayed in when we're at Manila for a couple of days stay.

View from the paid parking space near Sea Residences

As of this moment, it looks different from the first condo units built by SMDC. It has this grayish color compared to the others that had white and blue color. Even from the street side, you can still hear noises happening within the condo; a sign that some units or even the building itself is not yet finished. I wonder how it will look like when the entire residence is completely done.

View from Mall of Asia's new walkway overpass, near the globe

 When we arrived at the lobby, I was surprised at how spacious it was. The staff welcomed us inside with full smile and assisted us to my uncle's unit. As we walk through the hallways, you can see that many units are still unfinished. We were worried that my uncle's unit will not be as polished as the finished units should be. Fortunately, it was in done and in good condition.

View from Kuya Mac's condo unit

It was a bare unit, had no balcony and it was ready for turn-over. The unit was slightly bigger than the Sea Residence unit my other uncle owns. According to the person who assisted us, unlike Sea Residences, Shell Residences don't offer fully furnished units. There are advantages and disadvantages to that which I will discuss in another post some time soon.

After inspecting the unit, we were assisted to the admin office. Walking through the hallway, we peaked into other units and saw that there were some units smaller than of my Kuya's unit. It was those unit that faces the pool area. Smaller but at least, they have a balcony. Then there were bigger units which were facing the Manila Bay and Mall of Asia.

Getting to the admin office, we saw the beautiful poor area. I swear, it was waaay better than the other SMDC condo residences I've seen. It looks like a high class resort! I just wasn't able to take a photo because there were already some people swimming. Just like my Kuya Mac, I can't wait to take a swim and take Instagram worthy selfies there. Haha!

We also found out there will be a gym for homeowners just next to the admin office! How cool is that! I'm sure that unit owners will really enjoy the great amenities in this new SMDC property. And I'm sure that many other property buyers will invest in this residence. Good location, beautiful amenities and friendly staff. I hope this will not change when the residence starts functioning full time.

I can't wait to be back to help with the interior designing. This will be my first time to help decorate a condo unit so I have to go now. I need to research some more on how to maximize the space. Thanks for reading through this post! I will definitely give you guys a peak of my Kuya's condo unit once furnished. Might even invite some bloggers in the future for a free stay. *winks*


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