Our Experience at Giligan's, Mall of Asia Branch

Feb 19, 2016

Last night, we were at Mall of Asia for dinner after Kuya Mac's condo viewing at Shell Residences. We were very hungry and since we were already walking along seaside, we decided to choose a restaurant within the area. We didn't want to go to buffets last night so we decided to go for Giligans. We knew our orders would arrive quite late than usual as there was a lot of crowd outside but we didn't expect to wait for our order for an hour! Worst is, our order were incomplete.

We kept following up our orders from the staff. In the beginning, after a few follow up, none of them came back to update us how many more minutes it will take for our orders to be served. After a while, about 45 minutes has passed, we asked another female staff because we noticed that the other tables who came after us were already served their meals while ours are still missing. Finally, someone got back to us and told us it will take a few minutes more because they lack fryers.

The first meals served were our 2 pcs of sweet and sour fish fillet meal, 1 pc of bbq meal and 1 pc inihaw meal and a few iced tea drinks. We were still missing 3 bbq meals, 5 drink, 2 pancit meals (canton and bihon) and the soup.

Our orders were from their P99 (Rice All You Can) meals. We ordered those since we thought it would be the fastest they can serve compared to other big dishes in their menu. Unfortunately, even these meals took an hour to be served.

We followed up a couple of times for the other missing meals. We were all so hungry already! Just like the before, no staff came back to update us. As much as possible, we give chance to the staff before raising the concern to the manager but waiting for our simple meals for an hour was a little too much. We called the manager and complained at how slow their service was. My dad was already angry and I commend the manager, whose name we forgot to ask, for staying calm while hearing our disappointments and complaints.

A few minutes after he apologized, he was the one to serve our missing meals. He kept apologizing as he serve our orders to the table. We highly commend his humbleness and for his fast actions to resolve our concern.

We honestly didn't enjoy and finish our food because of the experience and the rice too didn't taste good. We have been to other rice all you can restaurants before but their rice just didn't taste good.

Lessons Giligan's should learn from our experience:

  • They should not accept a crowd of customers they cannot handle especially if they lack kitchen equipment to serve the orders on time.
  • If a customer asks to follow up on his or her order(s), it should be mandatory to come back and update them about it.
  • They should always make sure that the orders are served together so they will not miss other orders upon serving especially on a busy night.
  • They should at least have two (2) floor managers; one inside, helping the kitchen staff and the other serving crew note (and serve) the orders properly and the other manager in charge of assuring that the flow of the operation outside are well taken care of too.
  • The staff shoulder never give out a specific time frame for the orders to be served especially if they're not too sure about it. It give false hopes to the customers.
  • The crew should always bring their best service to their customers without the need to call the attention of the manager. 

We were planning to eat here for tomorrow's Pyromusical Competition but because of their poor service, we plan to eat somewhere else that night. If on a Thursday night, they can't serve their customers properly, what more on a busy eventful night like tomorrow's firework competition?

We will of course still dine-in Giligan's but it might take some time from now. We really hope they could learn from our concern last night so they can serve their customers better. Most of the time, no matter how affordable or how good the food is, if the service sucks, it drags the customer's interest away from the business. It drags the whole experience down.


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