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It's not a secret to anyone that Philippines, just like some other third world countries, is experiencing serious government corruption. It did not just happen last year or a few years ago. It has been happening in our government for ages!

Looking back at news reports, online articles and even stories from the elders, you'd find out that even before, there are already rallies against the government. The president and other politicians are being thrown out from position. And it's repeatedly happening up to this date.

I honestly can't remember where I heard about Zark's. I don't know much about this burger house but I heard their branches are always full. So when people from DasmariƱas and nearby municipalities knew they'd be opening a branch at SMD, they expressed their excitement in their Facebook page. And because I haven't tried them yet, it made me excited too!
A lot of celebrities are publishing books. Most of them are women from the Kapamilya network and most books are about fashion, beauty and/or relationships. But as my eyes scanned the shelves of National Bookstore, I found a new face... a new celebrity author... a new book to read and review: Brod Pete's #Basa.

For the whole month of March, the National Museum have made their admissions free for female visitors to celebrate the National Women's Month. Initially, I wanted female bloggers from our Facebook group to take this opportunity to meet each other and to appreciate and learn more about the artworks within our National Museum. Unfortunately, our schedules did not meet. Some had other priorities to do that day so it was only me, Melanee and Arrianne who went to explore the museum.

Cold bottled drinks are what we automatically look for when we can no longer stand heat. Some people avoid drinking juice or iced tea drinks because according to most consumers, it makes them more thirsty. But after discovering Sosro Fruit Tea last Blogapalooza, I tell you, this is definitely a refreshing drink you'd enjoy on your summer getaways.

Just when I thought adult coloring have ended, SM Supermalls hosted a Shop & Make Art contest. This contest is open to all SM Supermall shoppers with a minimum single receipt of Php2,000. The receipt may come from any of the brands or boutiques within an SM Mall. Read more below for the basic mechanics.

Santorini Greece inspired hotels are increasing in our country. Many local tourists are enjoying the ambiance of a Greek accommodation but it makes me wonder... if those local tourists have tasted a Greek inspired meal? Personally, I haven't been to a Santorini inspired resort but fortunately, I have been into a Greek Taverna and it was an OPA experience! So without further ado, I introduce to you...


Summer is just around the corner! And, what does that mean? Sun. Sand. And SURF! Why not?

All of us already know that surfing is an exhilarating extreme sport. Immersing yourself into a surfer’s culture brings benefits that make it one of the most unique and fulfilling experiences of your life.

Fitness. Build your more than usual dream “beach bod.” Surfing a physically demanding activity, but a fun one at that. You engage your entire body when you start to surf. The more you surf, the more motivated you become to becoming fit and healthy. When you’re healthy, you give instantly give yourself a confidence boost.

Now, imagine yourself in an amazingly ripped physique while you’re ripping those waves.
We have been hearing about Hidden Tapsihan from different people and across the social media platforms. It's the main reason why we wanted to try them out. But we only got to visit a branch last Sunday (March 13, 2016). We were travelling back home from Antipolo when I thought of dropping by their Centennial Road branch. My dad, mom and uncles agreed so we did.

I have been passing by this kiosk in SM Dasma Food Court but only got to try it two (2) weeks ago. I have this mentality that if a drink or food is cheap, the taste or quality could be compromised. Though I've seen this Foss Coffee kiosk with many customers, it never really got me interested. But one day, the fruit shake I wanted was not available. I was really thirsty and this was the closest kiosk to turn to. I decided to finally give them a try.

Quezon City – Three out of five women have experienced a form of sexual harassment while commuting in Metro Manila, according to a new research, “Baseline Study on How safe are women in our city streets” commissioned by Quezon City local government and United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (UN Women).

I have been asked by most newbie bloggers this question: "How do you price your blog ads?" or "How much do you charge your sponsored posts?". With all honesty, I don't have specific blog rates myself. As of the moment, I post sponsored posts in exchange of tokens like free stay for hotel accommodation posts, or a gift check for food/beverage posts. But of course, now, I'm also thinking for earning from this blog in order for me to maintain it. I have found and kept helpful articles about pricing/earning from your blog. These are not Philippine based articles but it will at least give you an idea how you would price your blogging services.

Do you also realize how busy our lives have become? Most of us rarely have time for travel vacay with family or friends. Our planners and/or calendars seems to be always full of tasks. We have so much things on our minds that we forget the simplest things. We are rushing through different deadlines which causes us to comprise some of our to-dos. But guess what? The other day, I saw from TV Patrol a new collaborative consumption service for Filipinos: the Hey Kuya!

For the past two (2) Saturdays, it has been a challenging shoot for us pyro viewers as there was too much smoke during the pyrotechnic show. Though it was hard to appreciate the fireworks because of that circumstance, the countries for the past two Saturdays had their own ways of standing out.

They say that a good way to start the morning is to eat breakfast. I have always believed in that because having a wonderful breakfast energizes our bodies which affects the kind of attitude we have for the long day ahead.

I needed a good breakfast the other day due to the tiring but fun event I attended. So when I woke up, I started scrolling through Zomato for restaurant suggestions within the area I'm in. I came across IHOP and remembered a post I saw from my Facebook newsfeed about their Beef Tapa. Without second thoughts, I got up, prepared myself and headed to their Mall of Asia branch.