A Peek to CYMA's New Menu #EatGreekEatGreat

Mar 23, 2016

Santorini Greece inspired hotels are increasing in our country. Many local tourists are enjoying the ambiance of a Greek accommodation but it makes me wonder... if those local tourists have tasted a Greek inspired meal? Personally, I haven't been to a Santorini inspired resort but fortunately, I have been into a Greek Taverna and it was an OPA experience! So without further ado, I introduce to you...


CYMA is a Greek restaurant with about eight (8) branches in the country; one of which is Greenbelt 2 which I was (very fortunate to be) invited in for their new menu media launch.

CYMA is set to create a truly great Greek restaurant here in the Philippines. Behind the success of this restaurant is Chef Robby Goco. He believes that “Good food is a right and not a privilege”. That's the main reason why the food we got to taste during the launch were made perfectly.

The ambiance of the resto was cozy and elegant. The fixtures and murals are beautiful too. It's the kind of restaurant you'd wish your special someone to take you to or the place for your family and your fiance's family to get together.

The launching was held on the second floor, another beautiful area of the restaurant for private gatherings. I was the first one to arrive so I had the privilege to take photos while waiting.

There was an AVP showed and soon after that, Chef Robby introduced to us CYMA and its new menu. He mentioned that the reason why, after 10 years, they decided to create a new menu for CYMA is because the palate of the customers are constantly changing. But despite this change, Chef Robby assured that the five (5) basic flavors (olive oil, oregano, lemon, salt and pepper) will still present on their dishes.

When he was asked to describe the new menu, Chef Robby said that the new menu is healthier and dynamic. He wanted their customers to eat bountiful meals with lots of fiber. He was not only promoting the taste of Greek dishes but also the taste of healthy living.

"The Greeks often start their meals with a plate of exquisite little treats called Mezedes"

The first dish served was the
Dips with Homemade Pita.

It was served with five (5) dips namely:

Classic Tzatziki (₱240)
Greek yogurt, cucumber, dill and garlic, garlic, garlic!

Pine Nut Melizanosalata (₱210)
Roasted eggplant, pine nuts, feta.

Htipiti (₱270)
Creamed feta, roasted spicy peppers, EVOO.

Taramosalata (₱240)
Greek Caviar, lemon, dill, cucumber, EVOO.

Kalamata Humus (₱220)
Chickpeas, tahini, Kalamata olive tapenade, EVOO.

I personally loved the classic and taramosalata. I had a crazy idea of mixing them together and surprisingly, I loved it.

You can get three dips for just ₱550 or get all five dips for ₱695.

Krii Vegetarian Sample Mezedes

"Olives and peta, roasted peppers, watermelon and feta, roasted beets skordalia and dolmadakia."

Mezedes Tis Oras

"Baby scallops, calamari, octopus, shrimp and clams in garlic, herb EVOO, lemon and Greek oregano; with EVOO toast"

Dakos (₱120)

"Cretan rusk, tomato, feta, capers, oregano, EVOO"

I'm not a veggie lover; I grew up not eating veggies at all. It was only recently that I started eating meals or dishes with vegetables. I usually feel like throwing up when I try to consume a vegetable but it did not happen when I tried Dakos. There was this refreshing flavor from the tomato that made it not-so-hard for me to eat.


"Fried kefalotiri with peppered fig jam, with EVOO toast."

This has to be one of my favorite dishes that day! It's a cheese set on flame. It's very tasty but not nakakaumay! I could literally finish the whole plate if there weren't other bloggers waiting to taste it. Haha!


"Fresh watercress, bleu cheese, sweet pears, walnuts, and romaine in summer herb vinaigrette."


"Tomato, cucumber, parsley, sultanas, and walnuts in red onion pomegranate dressing."


"Lemon, garlic, pepper and herb butter; served with cashew garlic pasta."

The pasta included with this dish is perfect with the crab's meat. I know that the crab's meat could be really rubbery but with CYMA, you'd hardly notice the rubbery meat. It was cooked and seasoned well; you can even just eat the crab without the pasta. It can already satisfy you. The pasta is just a bonus or side dish. Hehe.


"Charcoal-grilled in smoked salt, cracked pepper, Greek oregano, EVOO, ladolemono, and grilled lemon"


"Layered seasoned pork and beef, roasted Japanese eggplant, Greek B├ęchamel sauce"

This dish reminded me of the meal my ex's boyfriend's step-father prepared for me when I spent my Christmas eve with them. I thought it was a pasta! They never told me it was made of eggplants since he knew I don't eat veggies. But this Moussaka tasted better of course. The taste doesn't come right away. You have to eat and chew on it for a few seconds before the flavors explodes in your mouth.


"Baked lamb with orzo, served with grated kefalotiri, parsley and EVOO"


"Meat platter of lamb keftedes, pork chop, beef rib finger kalamaki, lamb shoulders, and caper butter prawns; served with lemon, Greek chimichurri, tzatziki parsley salad and homemade pita."


As mentioned a couple of times above, I don't eat veggies so the kind of food offered in CYMA is really something new for me. But it was not hard to try their foods because it was full of flavors. You'd hardly realize you're eating veggies except for the salads of course. Chef Robby did a good job in making vegetable dishes more appealing and appetizing.

We really enjoyed the food and the photo contest we had that day. It wasn't hard to take Instagram worthy images because the food are well presented. We also enjoyed the company of Chef Robby. He was approachable and was enjoying telling us a lot of things - from the stories of Greek traditions down to why he decided to change CYMA's menu after 10 years. Being able to interact with the chef himself made us feel at home with CYMA and because of this, you'd keep coming back to this place.

CYMA Greek Taverna
G/F Greenbelt 2, Ayala Mall Makati City
(02) 729-4837

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