An Update On Pyromusical Competition 2016

Mar 9, 2016

For the past two (2) Saturdays, it has been a challenging shoot for us pyro viewers as there was too much smoke during the pyrotechnic show. Though it was hard to appreciate the fireworks because of that circumstance, the countries for the past two Saturdays had their own ways of standing out.

USA and Netherlands ended the last Saturday of February with huge firework displays that lighted almost the whole stretch of Manila Bay, Mall of Asia. The clouds were low that night which I personally think is the cause why the smoke of the fireworks were somewhat contained around the barge.

There's a bigger pressure for Netherlands because they are the defending champion. USA and Netherlands' fireworks are both amazing because it's big and colorful but I honestly could not fully appreciate it since in the latter part of their performance was covered with smoke.

At the end, if I have to choose from the two, I would go for USA. But I think most of the audiences were captured by Netherlands' parachute-like firework.

As for last Saturday's show (March 5, 2016), I was really looking forward Canada's display. They have been a grand champion twice already. For regular audiences of this competition like myself, most of us are looking forward what they have to offer to win the title again and if they are better than UK this year.

Well, despite of the smoke issue again (it was actually worst this time due to strong winds), they were still able to show us, the audiences, the amusing synchronization of their fireworks with the music. There were also some displays that I have not yet seen from other countries.

Germany did great too but it seems they had more of the waterfall-like fireworks which I'm personally don't enjoy. Hehe. But they did they compete fair with Canada.

If you'd ask me, Canada has an edge over UK in terms of music synchronization. But I think, so far, UK still holds the best fireworks display.

Let's wait and see what China and Australia has to offer this coming Saturday. Should I be seeing you there? Hope so!


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