Awful Experience at Hidden Tapsihan

Mar 15, 2016

We have been hearing about Hidden Tapsihan from different people and across the social media platforms. It's the main reason why we wanted to try them out. But we only got to visit a branch last Sunday (March 13, 2016). We were travelling back home from Antipolo when I thought of dropping by their Centennial Road branch. My dad, mom and uncles agreed so we did.

We had so much expectation from this tapsihan. The interiors of the place was not so appealing especially when our orders were served. It looks like it wasn't heated at all. When we placed our order, it only took them 2-3 minutes to serve our plates. The sinangag rice was cold, the tapa serving was little and it had am awful smell. I told my mom about it and so she tasted it. We assumed it was only the because of the marination. But after eating a few pieces, there's this after taste to it.

We did not get to finish our orders. There was some pieces that tasted OK but most had that panis smell and after taste. It was not even hot when served to us.

We're not sure if that's really the kind of tapsilog they offer to their customers but one thing is for sure... WE WILL NOT GO BACK TO THIS PLACE AGAIN unless they improve the quality of their food.

It's just really disappointing that the main meal this business is offering to its customers isn't even that well presented and/or prepared.

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