Beat the summer heat and #TasteTheChill with Sosro Fruit Tea Freeze

Mar 26, 2016

Cold bottled drinks are what we automatically look for when we can no longer stand heat. Some people avoid drinking juice or iced tea drinks because according to most consumers, it makes them more thirsty. But after discovering Sosro Fruit Tea last Blogapalooza, I tell you, this is definitely a refreshing drink you'd enjoy on your summer getaways.

Early this month, I was one of the lucky bloggers to be invited to this fun-filled event. They officially launched the Sosro Fruit Tea Freeze at The Palace Pool Club on March 3, 2016. 

Originally from Indonesia, Sosro Fruitea is the millennial go-getter's preferred real tea drink. It represents the cool and collected millenial who knows how to effortlessly mix work and play. With it's one-of-a-kind blend of Strawberry and Grape plus its unique icy sensation, Freeze is the perfect drink for staying cool.

Sosro Fruit Tea has three (3) other flavors you'll also love and enjoy: Apple, Strawberry and Guava. This product/brand was brought to country by Reddimart Multi-resources, Inc. in 2015.

While having established itself as the chill fruit tea drink last year, Sosro Fruit Tea begins 2016 with its #TasteTheChill campaign which encourages drinkers to stay cool both figuratively and literally using their hero-produtc, Sosro Fruit Tea Freeze.

Hosted by the ever beautiful and energetic Joyce Pring, she introduced to us the President of Reddimart Multi-Resources Inc., Mr. Jerbie Ong. He officially introduced to us Sosro Fruit Tea. A short video clip was also shown to give us an idea of how Sosro Fruit Tea is created in Indonesia.

Then not so long after that, Joyce Pring led the audience to another highlight of the night which was the revelation of the newest celebrity brand ambassador of Sosro Fruit Tea.

Just like Freeze, Sofia is the perfect chillmate with her cool and fun-loving attitude. Not only that, her captivating beauty will truly freeze you. Hehe. I honestly couldn't think of another celebrity who can perfectly fit the character of a #Freeze.

The appearance of Up Dharma was another surprise to all of us. When they started singing, a lot the audience went near the stage to take photos and selfies. They played their newest albums and later sang their old hits including their famous hit song, Tadhana.

The event was filled with feel good music and exciting performances that transformed The Palace Pool Club to a cool and icy haven with snow, cool hangouts and blue lights. Truly, a night to remember as we all got to #TasteTheChill.


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