Budget Friendly Coffee Frappe: Foss Coffee

Mar 14, 2016

I have been passing by this kiosk in SM Dasma Food Court but only got to try it two (2) weeks ago. I have this mentality that if a drink or food is cheap, the taste or quality could be compromised. Though I've seen this Foss Coffee kiosk with many customers, it never really got me interested. But one day, the fruit shake I wanted was not available. I was really thirsty and this was the closest kiosk to turn to. I decided to finally give them a try.

Their menu is very simple. It's divided to two (2) categories: Coffee and Cream Blended. Since it's my first time to try them and since I'm such a huge fan of mints, I opted for the Chocolate Mint.

This is the cheapest frappe I know; with a fixed size and price of Php55. Its affordability made me curious to what ingredients they use but failed to determine because it (ingredients) were hidden on the drawers and below the counter. Well, at least, it didn't have a rat on it. Just kidding! Haha!

I was so happy it was the kind of taste I expected. It had enough amount of mints and a well-blended chocolate-coffee flavor. It's not as tasteful as Starbucks' Peppermint Frappe last Christmas but it was enough to satisfy my thirst and was able to hit my expectation.

Have you tried a Foss Coffee drink? Share with us your thoughts about their drinks. While for those who haven't tried, if you happen to pass by a kiosk of Foss Coffee, I do suggest you try them out too.


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