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Mar 7, 2016

They say that a good way to start the morning is to eat breakfast. I have always believed in that because having a wonderful breakfast energizes our bodies which affects the kind of attitude we have for the long day ahead.

I needed a good breakfast the other day due to the tiring but fun event I attended. So when I woke up, I started scrolling through Zomato for restaurant suggestions within the area I'm in. I came across IHOP and remembered a post I saw from my Facebook newsfeed about their Beef Tapa. Without second thoughts, I got up, prepared myself and headed to their Mall of Asia branch.

There were only a few people when I came. They were mostly seated in the inner part of the restaurant, facing the Manila Bay. I chose to sit near the entrance because of the air-con. It was quite hot on the others side.

The staff were approachable and were attentive of my needs. However, I think they forgot to mention the special request I had for my order.

I ordered their Beef Tapa to try it out. I have been hearing about this through social media and timely, I've been craving for beef tapa since the other week too. Well, this surely satisfied me!

This was served with garlic rice, atchara and vinegar. I requested to remove the atchara and vinegar as I'm not going to use/eat it anyway but still, it was served. I think my server just forgot to mention it to the kitchen. It was also served with an egg. You can choose to have it as scrambled or as sunny side up.

The tapa was tender and juicy. It was quite sweet which I really liked! Though it may seem like a small serving, trust me, the amount of tapa in this plate is more than enough for a single person, unless you're really hungry. I honestly didn't get to finish it; I wanted to eat more but my stomach's already complaining.

This Breakfast Beef Tapa meal costs Php375. Not bad as it was really yummy! The deliciousness of the tapa not only satisfied my craving, it brightened up my not-so-good "morning" that day.

Breakfast is life. #breakfastquote #spreadinghappiness
Posted by IHOP Philippines on Monday, January 18, 2016

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