Introducing HeyKuya!

Mar 10, 2016

Do you also realize how busy our lives have become? Most of us rarely have time for travel vacay with family or friends. Our planners and/or calendars seems to be always full of tasks. We have so much things on our minds that we forget the simplest things. We are rushing through different deadlines which causes us to comprise some of our to-dos. But guess what? The other day, I saw from TV Patrol a new collaborative consumption service for Filipinos: the Hey Kuya!

After watching the news, I went to check on this new service. According to their website...
"HeyKuya is your free personal assistant for all your demands. Anything you want, anytime via SMS for free! Text one, then done!"

"HeyKuya's mission is to make your life easier and more fun. Imagine that he is your virtual personal assistant. Simply text him and he will get you anything, anytime, anywhere with no extra cost! He's here to ease your daily life. Kuya does the job so you won't have to!"


  • As of the moment, HeyKuya is only operating in Metro Manila.
  • You can request anything as long as it is LEGAL; from food delivery, flight bookings, or even provide you with whatever information you need.
  • HeyKuya's service is free of charge unless the request requires a payment. Example: You requested HeyKuya to order you a pizza. Of course, you have to pay for the pizza.
  • Payments are done as COD or cash-on-delivery.


HeyKuya will be a big help for those busy-bees in the Metro. I have yet to try their service. Hopefully when I get the chance to stay in Manila for a week again. :) Does it make you wonder too or is it just me who wonders how they'd recover costs out of this service? Hehe. Have a clue you might want to share and satisfy our curiosity? :p

You can know more about them through their website or
stay update through their official Facebook page.

Have you tried HeyKuya?
Share your experience below if you have.


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