Review of Brod Pete's #Basa

Mar 27, 2016

A lot of celebrities are publishing books. Most of them are women from the Kapamilya network and most books are about fashion, beauty and/or relationships. But as my eyes scanned the shelves of National Bookstore, I found a new face... a new celebrity author... a new book to read and review: Brod Pete's #Basa.
Before we proceed with the book, let me introduce to you the author:

Herman "Isko" Salvador (middle) or better known as Brod Pete, is a famous comedian from Bubble Gang's segment, Ang Dating Doon. It's a segment spoofing one of the religious TV program in the country, Ang Dating Daan. In the beginning, it was kind of awkward watching someone spoof a serious and religious TV show. But overtime, it became funnier and funnier. The term Alien! became popular because of Brod Pete; so popular that when you hear someone screaming Alien! you'd automatically think of him.
Brod Pete started his career as a comedy scriptwriter, then a television comedian and eventually transitioned into a digital influencer in the Philippines.

Now, he's an author of a book containing jokes, memes and stories from his Facebook page. The book is in Tagalog and was published PSICOM Publishing Inc. It can be bought for just Php150 from the leading bookstores. If you can't find this book in the bookstore nearest you, feel free to contact Brod Pete via Facebook para mapagalitan nya ang distribution channels. #LikeABoss Haha! Just Kidding!
Before I give you my judgment about this book, let me walk you through the contents:






Now, my verdict:
This book is wittily funny. If you don't find simple wit lines humorous, you might not fully enjoy this book like I did. You see, Brod Pete's humor is different from the other comedians in the industry like Vice Ganda's jokes. His humor is corny yet witty at the same time. If you have haven't read, listened or watched his comedy before, I suggest you do first before buying this book.
It would have been more fun if Brod Pete made a video via YouTube or somewhere else, where it can be restricted to book owners, that contains a video of him, saying the lines. It would be funnier to hear him deliver it.


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