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Mar 30, 2016


It's not a secret to anyone that Philippines, just like some other third world countries, is experiencing serious government corruption. It did not just happen last year or a few years ago. It has been happening in our government for ages!

Looking back at news reports, online articles and even stories from the elders, you'd find out that even before, there are already rallies against the government. The president and other politicians are being thrown out from position. And it's repeatedly happening up to this date.


Having hopes of having responsible and honest or corrupt-free politician is not enough. Simply hoping will not help. We have to be wise voters.

A timely book was published to educate not only the young and new voters but also the previous ones who has been voting and electing wrong politicians for years now.

BOBOto ba ako? is a surprisingly easy-read book about the election in our country. I thought it would be challenging to read this book since it will tackle a quite controversial and sensitive topic or issue. The points were well written you didn't have to read the lines twice.

I love how the authors clearly and objectively talked about election and related some parts to bible scriptures. It made me understand politics, from then to now. The views of the authors are so on point it would make you reflect on your own views.

I can go on citing points from the book that I really love and agree on but it would spoil the contents of the book. So instead, let me just sharing 8 lines from this book that struck me. Hoping it will hit your interest to read this book too.





You can purchase this book for just Php75 from the local bookstores like National Bookstore. You may also contact OMF Literature Inc. directly for orders.

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