Zark's Burgers at SM Dasma

Mar 28, 2016

I honestly can't remember where I heard about Zark's. I don't know much about this burger house but I heard their branches are always full. So when people from DasmariƱas and nearby municipalities knew they'd be opening a branch at SMD, they expressed their excitement in their Facebook page. And because I haven't tried them yet, it made me excited too!

I didn't get to try them as soon as their opening because of busy schedule. But one day, when I had to pay some bills at the mall, I passed by and saw no queue. It was a sign for me to finally try them out.

Their store is located at the lower ground floor of SM DasmariƱas, across the newly opened Kuya J's Restaurant and near the Event Center. If I'm not mistaken, this was the location of the former Bar-B-King if you've seen it before. Anyway...

Their store has that casual appeal that makes it relaxing and homey for any person of any age. The staff were very friendly and approachable. They were assisting first timers like me choose their best-sellers. While I scanned through their menu, the Thunder Mac N Cheese caught my attention. I was kind of craving for pasta and burger that say so I chose that instead of the other best-sellers the staff where offering me.

My expectations are quite high from Zark's Burgers because of how their customers react on social media. And I understood why when my order was served.

I was surprised with the serving. As the staff placed my plate in front of me, the words "How the hell am I gonna finish this alone?" were repeatedly flashing on my mind until Kuya (the staff) walked away from my table.

It was big, filled with cheese (which I was very happy about!), fries, a few bacon strips and of course, the burger patty buried under the macaroni pasta. I seriously didn't know how to begin eating it. Haha! So I began eating the fries and pasta first then to the main course, the burger.

With all honesty, I don't find anything really special about their burgers YET except of course, the way they mix it with other food; say for example my order that came with mac and cheese. But as for the patty itself, I honestly do not find anything so special YET. I think I have to try their other offerings first before concluding it's the same burger patty I'm tasting from the other burger houses.

Overall, I'm satisfied with my order and experience with Zark's. I'm definitely going back to try their other food offerings and will try to visit when they're under pressure (many people) to check the quality of their service.

Have you tried Zark's before? Hope you can share with us your experience or thoughts about their food offerings through the comment box below. :)


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