Bag of Beans, Twin Lakes

Apr 30, 2016

Your Tagaytay trip will not be complete if you won't drop by Bag of Beans branch. Currently, they have four (4) branches: near Mendez crossing (main), Twin Lakes, near Olivarez rotonda and another along the highway. Though the Twin Lakes branch is the farthest especially for those coming from Manila, yet a lot visits there. Why? Read on!


Just like their main branch, it has this rustic ambiance. But what makes the Twin Lakes branch a little different is it's brighter and more homey; the kind where you'd have a great breakfast or coffee in.

The white or off-white furniture, decors and walls will automatically make your mood lighter. It's very refreshing to the eyes.

There are two entrances: one from the car park and the other from the back. If you enter from the car park, pastries, delicacies and other sweet treats displayed for sale in about five (5) white cabinets will welcome you.

I fell in love with the tables, chairs and everything else found in the top floor. I just love being surround with a rustic or vintage stuff. There's something about it that comforts me.

On both sides, there's a staircase going to the bottom floor. It's like a gateway to more wonderful treasure for me. There's more seats downstairs. Behold. Another beauty is about to unfold. Hehe.

The tables and chairs in this area are more colorful and smaller; good for individual dine-in guests or small groups. There's also a long table located at the far end of this area with comfy, big couches. I can imagine a  soon-to-be wedded couple with their respective parents dining in that particular table. It looks like a memorable space for families.

Bags of Beans at Twin Lakes also has seats on their veranda. If you want to get some fresh air and be hit by the morning sunshine, that's the best space for you. However, just a heads up, you will not be able to see Taal Lake from here, rather you will see the mountains surrounding the area.


My dad ordered a soup of the day though we forgot the name. It was creamy and had a mixture of  also ordered the Fried Shrimps Coconut Cream (Php420). I haven't tasted a coconut cream and I was surprised how delicious it was with the shrimps. However, for someone like me who loves shrimps, the serving was not enough for me.

My dad ordered a Tuna Belly (Php 370). According to him, the tuna was well cooked however, it kind of lacks taste. Without the sauce, it was almost bland.

Of course, I ordered my all time favorite, their Baby Back Ribs (Php 475). But I have an issue with their serving this time. It was too bbq-ish. I had to remove some of the sauce.


Overall, the food again, as expected, are delicious... worth the money. I like the ambiance here than their main branch. It's more cozy and quiet. This is the kind of place I would want to spend my mornings in, eating breakfast and reading my favorite rom-com book. This is also where I want to have my romantic dates in. The only issue is the location as it's quite far for most people.

But I assure you, this restaurant is definitely worth going to once in a while. An ideal place to spend intimate celebrations in.

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