Everyday Kath Book Review

Apr 10, 2016

One of the most awaited and most talked about book this year by a celebrity is now out in the market and today, it is officially being launched at Eastwood Mall Atrium. Published by Summit Book, #EverydayKath is a book by Kathryn Bernardo where she shares 365 ways on how to be a Teen Queen.
Honestly, I'm not a Kathryn Bernardo fan but because I have seen her grow up - from the cutesy kikay little girl Maya to now the Kathryn Bernardo in KathNiel - it somehow interests me to know more about her life as the Teen Queen. That's the main reason I bought this book and through this post, I will give you an idea what's inside; what I loved about it and what I wished it should have had
What I love about it

I really loved her photographs especially the ones in this book. Her simple beauty and charm makes her photographs pleasing to the eyes. Above are two of my favorites. It actually makes me feel old. I can't believe she's a beautiful grown up young lady now.

Well, just like Liz's, Bianca's, Georgina + Solenn's and Heart's books, it has beauty and style tips. But what I really I loved about this is it did not put specific brand names to the products. It's refreshing to readers like me who can't really afford lippies that are already worth a bag in an SM Department store. It makes readers focus more on the beauty/style tips than the brands of the products featured. Though in the first and last pages of the book is an advertisement of Avon, it didn't come off like book made to hard-sell products from the company.
I also love how she provided style tips for every girl. She reminds us that it's okay to not have one style, and that it's okay to go with the trend sometimes. It's normal. But she made it clear that we don't need to spend too much to be fashionable. It's a really good tip for teens as they are the ones crazy about fashion lately.

Lastly, I loved how she shared some tips on how to be confident, how to handle haters and how to be a teen queen of the internet. Because of her amazing influence, the tips she shared in this book would be a good guide for both teens and young adults. I just hope that her fans would do more than just reading this book; I hope they would reflect and live by the wisdom Kathryn shared in this book.
Just some suggestions though...

How I wished there was more pages about her. Though her answers to questions would give you an idea of show she is as the Teen Queen and how she is a Kathryn, it would have been better to read more write-ups about her: about her life behind the camera, about her point of views in life aside from the positive outlook she have already shared, about the advocacy she's supporting (if she has one), and a lot more. I believe that if she have shared more about these things, she could empower teens more and build deeper connection with her fans and other book readers such as myself.

Is this book worth buying?



This book costs Php295 and basically has four (4) parts: 70 quick tricks to lift your mood, 105 style tips for every girl, 70 beauty secrets revealed and 120 things Kathryn learned about life, love and everything in between. And that's about it. If you want to know Kathryn more or deeper, you will not get it from this book.

But if you're a teenager, a huge fan of Kathryn, and don't own a book with the basics about beauty/style yet, this would be an ideal book to have and treasure.

You can take a peek at the contents of the book through the video below.

I hope the KathNiel fans won't bash me for posting it. I do not understand why KathNiel fans are getting pissed with people who posts that contents of the book? Posting parts of it isn't spoiling the book, it's actually promoting it. Kath's fans should promote the book because it's worth buying and having than just merely aiming to make it the best-seller based on bookstore purchases. Just my two cents.

You may check Summit Books Facebook page for the updates regarding the delivery of copies in different bookstores nationwide.

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