8 Things You Can Do At Buku Buku Kafe

May 26, 2016

I honestly have grown tired of the regular cafe and restaurants. There are times I want a quiet time in a coffee shop and that's when I go to the less populated ones. But then there are those times I want to do or experience other things in one place. And I'm super glad that this cafe near me does the job.

Here are the eight (8) basic things you can and you should do when you visit Buku-buku:


Buku-buku offers delicious meals and drinks. I heard they have changed the menu from my last visit. I'm happy to discover that they now have rice meals and more exciting dishes in their new menu. You can check out their new dishes through the other bloggers' posts (link at the end of this post).

I have recently tried their Beef Brisket tapa and I tell you, it's a must try! It is the most flavorful tapa I have ever tasted! I highly recommend you try this when you pay them a visit.


If you're a bookworm, this bookshelf will really call you to come closer. There's a great selection of books you can grab and read only within the cafe. It's a good chance to discover new books and even a new genre to enjoy!


Buku-buku Kafe has different board and card games you and your friends can enjoy. I was very happy to find out there's the classic snakes and ladders game which made me reminisce those good old days. This is actually a good way to rest our eyes from the digital screen of our smartphones and laptops. Grab and play a game. Let's all be a child again.


Occasionally, there will be live poetry at Buku-buku Kafe. The guests will be coming from different groups like Titik Poetry. It was honestly my first time to hear a live poetry and I really fell in love with the piece with the words "Nasaan nga ba ang kapayapaan?". It was very timely because election just finished. I hope to hear and read more poetry that allow listeners to think of our country and think of what we can actually do to help make it better.


There will also be live performances from different bands or musicians. I'm honestly not familiar with the bands now but when these people were setting up for their turn, most people were excited for them. Then I realize they are the Oh, Flamingo band. I came across their album in Spotify before so I kind of understood where the excitement is coming from.

Just like the live poetry, the live music will be occasional. You can check Buku-buku Kafe's Facebook page for updates when they will have these two activities.


We are all going through something and this board is the ideal space to express that. Release that thought you've been holding on for too long, write it in a piece of paper and place it in this board. No need to think of the best hugot line because there's no competition. This board was for you to express yourself. Once and for all, stop trying to please others and just say what you want to say. Besides, you'll be anonymous to whoever reads the papers here unless of course, you intentionally put your identity there.


You can unleash your creative side while at Buku-buku. You can bring your art materials and do you thing there or better yet, join the workshops that will be held there. The photo above was grabbed from their Facebook page. It was a calligraphy workshop by Larraine Turingan.

You can actually use Buku-buku as your art workshop venue. Just contact them for them for more details and constantly check their social media accounts for upcoming workshops.


Last but not the least, you can support local artists by purchasing their art works. There are different works of art - from handmade bookmarks, artistic notebook designs to wall decors and paintings. I just didn't have enough cash with me but I will definitely come back for that cute notebook by Ella and another wall decor with grass like-cat shaped figure.


So those are just the 8 basic things you can do at Buku-buku Kafe. You might be able to find out more when you visit them. And if you do, please do not comment your discovery here so we can update this list.

Indeed, Buku-buku Kafe offers more than just a happy tummy experience. It offers great entertainment and exciting opportunities for local artists. It also gathers like-minded individuals which eventually becomes a supportive community.

In fact, I was able to finally meet two of the gorgeous members of our Facebook blogging group (called Bloggers Community) there. Meet Jean of Bstyled and Justine of Blessed Queen of Justice.

© Justine Galang

Congratulations to Buku-buku Kafe for having a successful grand launching! I'm sure that everyone who was there enjoyed the launching just as much as we did. Big thanks too to Sir Nicholas and Ma'am Lyn for inviting me to be there. I'll definitely be back to try out the dishes in the new menu.

So, in my next visit, should I be seeing you there too? Hope so! And oh... Don't forget to tag them on Facebook + Twitter (@BukuBukuKafe), and Instagram (@buku.bukukafe).

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