How much are you willing to spend to recover lost files?

May 2, 2016

I don't know about you but I'm really attached with photographs. I treasure photographs because its a visual representation of the memories I have. I can't afford to lose any of them unless I deleted it myself. So you can just imagine my frustration when I learned that an entire folder containing four (4) years of memories was gone from my external drive. I, nor my mom, can't remember accidentally deleting it. It was a big mystery up to this date why it got deleted.

I almost lost hope. I messaged different people I know who might have knowledge on how to retrieve files. They recommended different software applications but only one of the suggestions really worked for me: the EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard


EaseUs is the best free data recovery software to recover deleted, formatted or lost data from PC, laptop, hard disk, or removable device easily and quickly. I downloaded their software free from EaseUs website and was given a 2 GB free data recovery. The free edition allows you to recover deleted, formatted, inaccessible data and even from deleted, hidden, lost or raw partition.

After downloading the free edition, I was surprised and glad to find out that the platform is very easy to use. 

You can choose which file(s) you want to recover and you can easily choose which location you want to scan. After clicking the scan, you'll just have to wait for it to finish. The scanning time duration depends on the amount of files you're trying to recover. In my case, it took more than 3 hours. 

When the scan is finished, you'd automatically see your files. You can even preview the files recovered. You can also choose which files to recover so you can make most out of the free 2 GB data recovery. But since I had to recover more than 30 folders, with thousands of photos, I had to avail their pro plan (single license) which costed me $69.95 (Php 3,285.90).

Was it worth it?

That's the big question, isn't it? A big question, with a big answer: a big YES! This software recovered most of my files. There's some photographs that I could no longer recover (I think it got corrupted). But at least most of my most treasured memories were recovered.

Town of Port Moresby
Because it's quite hard to take out digital camera's in the streets of Papua New Guinea, when I had the chance to get into one of the hills in town, I did not let the opportunity to pass. I took out my DSLR and took this shot. This is my hometown. This is where I lived half my life. This is one of those photos I prayed to retrieve. As this reminds me of home.

Ming Ming

This is the cat I adopted back in college. His pictures are very important. It's all we have now since he passed away a few years ago. 

Boracay Trip
The travel to Boracay was the first domestic trip I had with my parents.

Banta Family Reunion
We annually have a family reunion. Photos from this celebration is as important as the people in this photo simply because it captures what kind of family we have.

Zet's 18th Bday
If I'm not mistaken, this was the last celebration I had with the Josol family. It was indeed a night to remember. It was nice being part of their family for two years.

Singapore Trip

International trips will not be complete without photographs. Pictures from the tourist spots are a must and so losing those pictures would be really heartbreaking.

Graduation Celebration

Doesn't it feel good to celebrate an accomplishment with the family?

Ilocos Trip

The tour around Ilocos is one of those memorable trips especially that it is the first domestic trip I had. I learned a lot from this trip and visuals would really help me remember the places I've been or things I've seen within the province.

Graduation Day
Graduation Day. It's the day I proved to everyone I can do what they think I couldn't do.

Chico Loco, Yes FM booth visit
 Mark Jimel Gales or more known as Chico Loco is one of my all time crush. Meeting him in person is something I really treasure. Though we only had a few photos, seeing this one is enough to remind me of the simple things that happened that night that made me really, really, really kilig even up to this date.

Finally meeting Ava Te in person

Ava is my girl crush. Hehe. She's the blogger I look up to. Meeting her in person in one of the Bloggers United event really made me happy. That's why I treasure this photo.


I would give anything to recover these and many more files; files that will remind me of the celebrations I attended, the people I met, I care for and I love, and most importantly, the memories that I might forget overtime.

Besides, I can still earn the amount of money I paid for the pro plan. But photographs, I can't recreate them. So I'm really thankful I was introduced to this recovery software. I'm sharing this to you so you'd know which software to download. Please do spread the word. Let others know about this software. Help them recover their most treasured files too.


How about you?
How much are you willing to spend to recover your lost files?


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