Book Review: Everyone Can Be Creative

May 27, 2016

As a child, were you the type who'd rather hold crayons than pencils? Would you rather paint than solve math problems? Are you more into music notes than into grammar lessons? If yes is your answer to these questions, I'm pretty sure you've heard other people tell your parent that you'd be a creative person when you grow up. But that's not the case. You see, when I was younger, I'm more into sports - running, soccer, basketball, swimming and even cricket but I did not end up being an athlete. I was somehow led to a creative course. It goes to show everyone can be creative... in our own little ways.

This book titled Everyone Can Be Creative by Merlee Cruz-Jayme is a fun and easy read on how to be creative. The author believes that everyone has the gift of creativity. We just need to discover it among ourselves and develop it. It's never too late!

This book has 11 chapters. In each chapter, Merlee shares her past and present experiences from the convent she was in before and as the Chief Creative officer of an ad agency. At the end of each one is a challenge to unleash that creative juice out of you. There are also creative tips she calls "Creatip" which for me are very helpful though the tips were not so extraordinary. Some of the tips are actually something that may have crossed your mind before but ignored.

I really enjoyed reading her life as an ex-nun. It's quite unusual to read what kind of life there is in a convent, isn't it? So it really draw me in to finish this book in one sitting. It's amazing at how her experiences inside the convent somehow prepared her to the life she has now.

It was easier for me to relate because I come from the same industry but I do believe that those who are from another industry will understand this book easily too because she didn't use technical terms, instead, she narrated her thoughts and tips like how a good friend talks to you.

Reading through this book made me miss my creative team back in college. Those sleepless nights doing mood boards and brainstorming. This actually relived my passion for advertising. It encouraged me not to give up even if companies don't believe in my creative capability. I can and will create my own empire that will rule over the advertising and marketing industry in about 20 years time. Haha!

I highly recommend people - creative or not - to read this book. It will truly motivate you and you'll be surprised at how easy it is spark that creative side you have within you. It's truly worth reading and keeping. This is priced at Php295 and can be bought from the bookstores nationwide.


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