Kettle Restaurant in Resort's World Manila

May 16, 2016

I do believe that visual impact is very important in business. If you own a boutique, your visual merchandising should be the best to encourage the window shoppers to go inside and eventually buy something. It's equally important for restaurants especially if it's new in the industry. Same as the boutique, restaurants should make their interiors pleasing and/or interesting to the eyes of the customers so they'd want to try you out. Good ambiance is one of the main things consumers look for. And that's what makes me want to try new restaurants too.

I came a little early for the block screening of Batman vs. Superman sponsored by Lamudi x Megaworld which was held at Resorts World Manila so I had to look for a place I can wait in. I was also hungry at the time so I searched for a restaurant instead of a coffee shop. If you have been to RW, you'll know the struggle of choosing which restaurant to try. The well-known restaurants are usually full so I decided to go up to the cinema floor instead and planned to wait at McDonald's but upon reaching the end of the escalator, I saw this new restaurant unoccupied. PERFECT!

I was their only customer probably because they just opened. You know how newly opened restaurants find it hard to attract customers simply because customers are afraid to spend money on a new business. Understandable. I too wouldn't want to spend money and later on regret it. But sometimes, we have to take risks to find out.

Since there wasn't any customer during my visit, the place was extremely quiet and the place was clean. However, the place seemed hot. I wasn't able to raise this concern when I was there but I think the aircon in where I chose to be seated wasn't open.

Even before I entered this restaurant, I already asked the waitress for their menu and which meal would she recommend me having. She first recommended the steak! Haha! I wasn't ready for that so I asked for their pasta dishes. She suggested the Truffle Gorgonzola so that's what I tried.

Truffle Gorgonzola - Php 299

I have tried truffle before from Matis which I loved and that I think kind of raised the standards for truffle pasta dishes. Though I know there's a difference (of course) I did not expect this dish to have so much truffle in it. Even when the waitress was approaching me to serve the dish, I could already smell the truffle and it's not at all that pleasant. The smell honestly made it harder for me to finish it.

Because the smell was already strong, I expected the taste to be the same and I was not wrong. It was super nakaka-umay. I honestly wasn't able to finish even half of it. Maybe for those who really enjoy truffle, they'd love Kettle's serving but for regular customers like me, it might be too much to handle.

Though I did not enjoy my order, I will still try their other dishes in my next RW visit. I don't want to judge them based on this dish alone as truffle is not my favorite pasta anyway. I plan to try their Mac & Four Cheese because I have tasted so many mac and cheese dishes before. It would be good to compare and discover what Kettle has that others don't. :)

Did I regret trying them out? Of course not. I know that I did not like my dish just because of my personal preference. It's too early to say that I will not be back. I need to try their other menu first to fully review the restaurant.

I suggest you give them a shot too! Let me know what you think of their dishes when you do, okay?


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