Seascape Resort, Batangas

May 15, 2016

Batangas is known for the numerous beaches and resorts. Though my dad's family lives within the province, we rarely get to explore the different beach resorts near us. But late last year, we went to celebrate our family's reunion in one of the resorts in Bauan, Batangas. Coincidentally, it's owned by my mom's friend so we got good discounts. Unlike other resorts that are usually found near the beach, this resort was far from one and was in a high area of the municipality. It was quite unusual for us but we had a very private and fun time there. We did enjoy our stay in Seascape Resort.

the Resort

It was located in Sta. Maria Itaas, Bauan Batangas. You won't miss it because it's located next to the road and it has a big signage. There's two (2) gates you can enter, we used the second gate where the booking office can be found. From the parking, this view will welcome you.

There are only two pools with mickey mouse figures. The smaller one is for kids and the bigger one for young adults. As you can see too, there's a slide but it was scary. My father tried it once and recommended us not to try it. They also have a zip line but it was not functioning when we arrived.

From the car park, we got to this place with fixed tables and chairs. The only problem with this is that there's no shade when the sun's up especially during noon time.

I'm not quite sure what this building is but on the ground floor, I believe it's their function room. But the rooms or spaces on the second and third floor, I'm not sure if its part of their accommodation.

At the far back of the resort, you'd find a small farm where they take care of chickens, and other animals. Near it too, you'd find a grotto of Mama Mary. Around it are more rooms and cottages which I was not able to reach. These photos were taken from the pool and slide area.

the Cottages and Rooms

There's a great amount of rooms and cottages in this resort. Most are located a bit far from the pool area. So we chose to rent the Tree House. Not only was it near the pool, it was also near the car park. It made it easier for us to bring our food and other things.

As far as I know, this is the only cottage that has videoke. It can fit about 15 people inside.

These buildings are the private rooms which we found out were occupied by some tenants. Actually, when we went there, we were informed that they were not really accepting room/overnight bookings anymore. I just don't know if they do now.

From the other car park (other gate), these are the cottages you'd find. It can fit about 10 people inside. It's a few minutes walk to the pool area.

the Pool

They strictly prohibit flip flops in the pool area. Don't worry about stepping on their flooring during noon time, it's not as hot as you think. It's not slippery either. 

Above is the pool for kids, in my estimate, it's about 2 or just 3 feet deep. While the bigger pool is much deeper. The shallow part is near the umbrella and the deeper part is around the slide area. We were told that that part was 6 feet deep but I think it's deeper than that.

The above photo is taken from the top of the slide. I'm afraid of heights but I quite enjoyed the view from there. You can see the entire resort and even a part of the barangay the resort is situated in + its neighboring barangay.

the Parking

As I mentioned earlier, they have two gates and the first gate you'll see has the most spacious parking area. From there too, you'll get a good look at the farm part of the resort. However, if you'll be staying in the tree house we availed or in the private rooms, this parking would be a bit far. This parking for me is ideal for those who will be using to cottages and rooms around this area.

the Experience

We totally had a lot of fun during our stay at Seascape Resort. It was our family reunion and just having the entire family there (and only us there) was enough to make us happy.

But in terms of rates, they do give discounts especially if you will be in a big group like ours. It's quite admiring that though we didn't need much assistance, a staff was visible in the pool area. He served as the pool watcher, the staff to accommodate us if we need some help and someone to just watch over us as we celebrate our get-together.

I didn't ask if they accept credit card payments but to be sure, just bring cash. I think they do not require down-payment for day tour reservations as long as the resort doesn't have a lot of customers. It's  I guess case-to-case basis.

It's not the most visited resort in Batangas so if you want a more intimate time with family or friends, I do recommend giving them a call and see the place for yourself first. They're worth the try naman.


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