SYRUP, A Hilarious Marketing Movie

May 27, 2016

After reading Everyone Can Be Creative, I looked back at my college life and remembered all the projects we had to do, the brilliant campaigns we came up with and everything else related to my course. Then I remembered the movie my good friend Jomar introduced to me a few years back. It's a movie that tackles the kind of world marketing and advertising has. It's a hilarious marketing movie and a romantic comedy movie combined.

In the beginning of the movie, it already exposes the truths of marketing. It exposes Marketing 101. Then Scat (Shiloh Fernandez) is shown in a clinic with Sneaky Pete (Kellan Lutz) donating selling their sperms. Scat earns $54 while Sneaky Pete earned $270.

Scat has been struggling financially and was thinking of ways how he could earn more money than the $54 monthly. He spoke to his mom and she told him how innovative he was when he was younger. It made him think of the next big thing. When he was getting a soda from the fridge, he accidentally drops the soda which led him to having that million dollar idea.

He proceeds to Six (Amber Heard), who was the marketing executive of Addy. She sets up a meeting with Scat to hear more about the million dollar idea. Learning how cool the idea is, she lied to Scat and planned to steal and claim it as her own. Little did she know, Scat realizes this so the next morning, as she presents it to the board, Scat arrived to claim back the idea. However, Scat haven't registered the trademark so he ran off to have it done but only to find out that Sneaky Pete have registered it earlier that morning.

Six and Sneaky Pete worked together for the Fukk campaign but Sneaky Pete later on ditched Six so he can take over the entire marketing campaign. Six wasn't happy about this so he asked Scat's help. And from there, the romance between the two began. The competition between Sneaky Pete grew stronger until Scat was fired from the company.

But it all didn't end there. They were acquired by the competitor brand to come up with the new idea. This is where everything falls. I cannot tell you what happens next. I want you to find it out yourself.

This movie for me is entertaining and deep. The relationship of Scat and Six clearly represents the natures of a marketing and advertising. I honestly had to re-watch it to fully understand the characters; why her name was Six and why she never wanted to tell her real name.

If you're in the marketing and advertising world, I'm sure you will enjoy watching this. For those who are not within that industry, you can still enjoy this movie not just because of the romantic-comedy relationship of the two but will also give you an idea how marketing works.

You may view the trailer below to give you a glimpse of the movie:

My favorite line from Six was this:


If you will be asked to choose another name to brand yourself,
what would it be and why?

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