The Sandwich Guy at SM Dasma

May 28, 2016

As I was walking around SM Dasmarinas last month, I discovered a new food space which serves sandwiches and other light meals. I never heard about The Sandwich Guy before and I never heard of it opening in SM Dasma. It just so happened I was walking to BDO bank when I discovered them. They're located in front of Ace Hardware and under the escalator. I wasn't busy that day so I took the chance to try them out.

The space is small but has a decent number of seating capacity. The location is not so visible to the public but whenever I pass by them now, I see a quite a good number of customers eating there. Maybe if people know what they offer and their location, more customers will go there to dine.

I'm not 100% sure but based on my last visit there, the SM Wifi connection was strong and stable in their area. I was able to check my emails and my social media accounts while I enjoy my order.

They have a great selection of sandwiches. It's good that they have sandwich menus for meat lovers and vegetarians. They also offer pasta, potato dishes and salad. As you can see, the prices are very affordable!

I ordered their full Beef & Bacon premium sandwich. Together with it, I also ordered a small Carbonara. The friendly staff suggested I order a smaller size for the pasta since I already have a full size sandwich. I'm glad he suggested that as I almost didn't finish my sandwich. Half of the sandwich + the pasta was enough to make me full.

The sandwich was very delicious. The combination of beef and bacon was heavenly! The carbonara in the other hand was "ok". I liked it but there was nothing so special about it. It satisfied me but it doesn't leave a mark after. It complements well with the sandwich. 

When I was seated and eating my food, I saw a couple of customers drinking a water with seeds on it. Later did I find out it's their so-called Power Water. The seeds mixed with the water was Chia seeds. According to the poster above, the benefits of Chia seeds are as follows: Help weight loss, feel fuller faster, hydration for athletes, reduce blood pressure and benefits for diabetes. I haven't tried it so I can't tell you what it tastes like. When I visit them again one of these days, I will surely give you an update about it.

The first sandwich I tried from them really satisfied me and I just can't wait to try their other offerings. When I asked the staff what their best-seller was, he said it was Leaned Pull Pork so that's what I'll be tasting in my next visit.

Based on their Facebook page, they already have several branches. Check it out so you'd know where to find them. Like them if you want to stay updated with their latest offerings and future promos. :)


Have you tried The Sandwich Guy before?
If so, how was it?
If you haven't, what sandwich or food from their menu do you want to try?


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