5 Things I Did Not Like About Blogapalooza Horizons (2016)

Jun 6, 2016

It's my second time attending Blogapalooza. This year, it was held in Prosperity Hall, Elements, Eton Centris. If last year, I stated the brands that caught my attention, this time I will be stating the not-so-obvious things I did not like about Blogapalooza. Be an open-mind, okay? Hehe. Warning: I have a bad humor so please don't take this post too seriously.

1) It had a fast and easy registration

This year's registration was fast and easy; so fast that I did not have the time to comb my hair when I got there. Haha! I was planning to comb my hair and do some minor makeup retouches while I stand in line for the registration. However, while I was searching my bag for the comb, the woman in front of me was already finished. Why so fast?!

Kidding aside: I was very surprised and satisfied at how fast the registration was. It was more organized than last year. I don't know about the others but I had no problem finding my name on the list. The fast registration gives bloggers more time to explore and enjoy the booths and activities happening inside.

2) It had amazing speakers, guests and talents

It was annoying how they managed to bring amazing speakers, guests and talents that day. It was not easy going around the booths and then suddenly get distracted by the people they bring on stage! Like Christian Bautista for example! Hahaha! Hey, it was very hard not to look at him ha. Nawala tuloy ako sa focus. Haha!

Kidding aside: Thankfully, Blogapalooza team took and acted on the suggestions of the bloggers last year: to have a proper space for the stage and enough seats for the bloggers and guests. Because of the ample space provided, we got to enjoy more the performances and talks of the inspiring speakers namely Ginger Arboleda, Llyod Cadena, Norman Agatep, Matec Villanueva, Mikael Daez, Erika Padilla, Grace Bondad-Nicolas, Miguel Olfindo.

3) It had  few but amazing new brands

Unlike last year, there were fewer but amazing new brands this year. So few that most of the bloggers are in the same booth at the same time. It was harder to take photos especially selfies. Haha!

Kidding aside: It's good that they have fewer and new brands this year. It gave bloggers enough time to visit and know each brand more. I really love how most of the brands exerted effort to make their booths stand-out in terms of booth design and/or the attires of their staff.

4) There were exciting booth activities

The booths had different activities. They were exciting to a point it divided my attention. Haha! I totally lost focus towards the talk happening on stage and the questions I should have asked the brand but forgot to ask! I ended up enjoying the booth rather than knowing the brand deeper. Seriously. I promise to keep it balance next time. Haha!

Kidding aside: I'm very happy with the activities each booth had. Not only did it catch the attention of the bloggers, it also took our Blogapalooza experience to a new level. Some of the activities tested our luck, our focus, our strategy and even our creativity.

I'm very glad and lucky that the brands were generous enough to send us their press release kits via email. This way, even though I was caught up the activities that happened at the event, I still got the chance to know the brands more.

5) Most of the bloggers I know were there!

I really did not like the fact that most of the bloggers I know were there. There were people tapping me and saying hi. Nakakainis! Parang ang daming nakakakilala sakin. Sa sobrang dami, di ko sila lahat ma-entertain. Haha! Sikat ang peg. LOL! Joke lang!!!

Kidding aside: Honestly, I did not quite like that most of the bloggers I know and I talk with online were there simply because it made it a lot harder for me to leave the event. I had to leave early for a family gathering in Batangas. It was hard for me to leave early because I wanted to speak and spend more time with each one of them.

But knowing there will be another Blogapalooza event, it makes me feel a little better. I guess I'll just have to learn to manage my time so I can talk and take selfies with all of them next time. Hehe.


Okay, okay. I was kidding with the title! Haha! I honestly enjoyed this year's Blogapalooza more than last year actually, probably because I know more bloggers and I know how to approach the booths now. In other words, I was more comfortable.

I look forward the next Blogapalooza event. I hope to find and meet more and new brands. I also hope the Blogapalooza team could think of a game or an activity wherein we can get to mingle with the other bloggers we haven't met before, like an ice-breaker. That's also what I look forward to every Blogapalooza: meet and make new blogger friends!

Big thanks and congratulations to Ace Gapuz (the managing director), Vince Golanco (the business director; the guy smiling at the back hehe), and the rest of the Blogapalooza team for putting out another successful blogging event. I'm excited to see what they have for us in the next event.

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