Food Bazaar sa South

Jun 17, 2016

Bazaars has been an in thing for years now. I guess, consumers are more fond of buying bargain products than branded items nowadays. This is also why more and more online shops are being established and are using bazaars are their store fronts occasionally.
Aside from apparel and home & living products, numerous of food bazaars are also put up to cater not only for the regular consumers but most especially to the graveyard shift call center agents. Most of these bazaars are found in Metro Manila, and near the call center buildings. The nearest food bazaar in Cavite would be the ones in Alabang area.
But recently, a food bazaar was finally put up in Cavite, in a newly opened Starmall, near SM Molino. I was not able to visit the bazaar due to busy schedule. Months passed and it saddened me they no longer serve in Molino. Then after a few more weeks, I saw from my newsfeed they moved to Brentville. Though it was much farther from home, I took the chance to try them out.

A few months ago, we went to check and try out Baga MNL. They were located in Brentville back then. I spoke to someone before heading there to confirm what time was best to visit. I was told that all stalls are ready and open by 6pm. But based on our experience, I suggest you come a little earlier because the crowd tends to go larger during that time.

I thought you will just directly buy from the stalls like how they do it at Banchetto. But I learned you will have to place an order first, get the order slip, pay at the organizer's cashier and go back to the stall to get your order. Medyo hassle ha.
I also noticed that a stall only sells a specific item. For example, a stall selling pasta will not be allowed to sell drinks. You will have to find another stall that sells drinks. Again, medyo hassle.
The major dishes or food price starts at Php100. The street foods like isaw, bbq, etc are priced at Php20 per stick. When we visited their Brentville bazaar, I noticed there's only a few stalls selling drinks and no stall seems to be selling softdrinks. The cheapest medium sized beverage I found was an iced tea which costed Php40.

Because it was my first time to go there and had no idea how much I actually needed, I ended up buying a pasta, isaw and bbq sticks, an iced tea and a tapa meal. I was very satified with my tapa meal. I bought it from a Tapa Hits. Even the rice was delicious! The tapa was somewhat sweet which I loved! Writing this post is honestly making me crave for it! I remember buying the meal for Php100+. This is one of the things I will definitely be looking for in the next Baga MNL bazaars.

A college batchmate has a stall in Baga MNL but I was not able to try it out due to limited funds that day. I bought more food and had little money left for drinks. Haha! Anyway, my batchmate's stall sells squeezed orange and lemon fruits. Hence the name, Squeezed.

Photo grabbed from Squeezed's Facebook page

It was also through them that I found out Baga MNL in Brentville and BF Paranaque are closed until further announcement. I also couldn't find Baga MNL's Facebook page before where I saw the number I called. I suggest you follow Squeezed Facebook page so you can be updated when Baga MNL will re-open and/or which location they will open next.

There's so many other stalls I need to try in Baga MNL and I'm one of those who are looking forward their re-opening. I hope they could have one in Molino again.


Have you been to Baga MNL?
Which stall did you love best?

If you haven't been to Baga MNL,
which food bazaar have you been to?


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