Lunch Break Reading List

Until relatively recently students and all the teenagers were obsessed with the digital devices and social networks while they had at least some free time. Texting was the only way to rest and have fun. Right now the trend has changed and more and more adolescents are turning to reading books not only from the 21 st century but also the classic splendors of America, British, and other authors. Books as “The great Gatsby”, “Norwegian wood”, “The perks of being a wallflower”, “Crime and punishment”, “A farewell to arms”, “To kill a Mockingbird”, “Uncle Tom's cabin”, “The art of happiness” etc. Some girls may have an interest in the light-weight books about the everyday life of women from diverse walks of life. To such individuals, we may offer such literature as “The devil wears Prada”, “Everyone worth knowing”, “The gone girl” and even more. Each of the books will reverberate in the hearts of young readers. Sometimes you will see yourself in the heroes' characters and the situations they find themselves in. At times, reading will help you to surmount your inner fears or obstacles in your life by reevaluating events and looking at the situation from another perspective. Books can also enrich the vocabulary and become a way to help with writing an essay in the future. Perhaps your literary talents were hidden?

Here you will find both classical literature and some literature novelties.

Choice #1

The catcher in the Rye" by J. D. Salinger”

The novel by J. D. Salinger is a confession of the young Holden Coldfield, who was excluded from school because of academic failure and inappropriate behavior.

The main character runs away to New York and spends all the free time, making plans for the future. He feels the discrepancy between his aspirations and reality. His rebellion against the cold rationality and order of life. the ideals of a new generation are natural speaking of the teenagers and most of the young people. He is unable to accept the world with its lie, hypocrisy, immorality of his peers.

Holden Coldfield is in constant search of a place for himself in this world like most of the adolescents, he is looking for answers in the people that surround him, and could not find the final answers many questions. This is a truly thought-provoking story that will make you reassess your life and find solutions to the existing problems.

Choice #2

Cloud Atlas” by D. Mitchell

The novel "Cloud Atlas" has a complex structure. It is like a mirror maze. The heroes are - the  mid-nineteenth century lawyer, returning to the US from Australia; the young composer, who was forced to sell the soul and body in Europe during the era between the two world wars; journalist in California 1970, that reflects a corporate conspiracy; small publisher - our contemporary, and the Hawaiian Shepherd at sunset civilization. Check it out!

Choice #3

Chocolat” by J. Harris

Miss some light-weight and romantic stories? Are in love with sweets? Then take up “Chocolat” by J. Harris! Stock up on chocolate and other confectionery products, fill the mug with hot chocolate and cocoa, cover yourself with a warm blanket, sit back and get ready to not only read the book but also to experience it! What can be better than bad weather, reading a book, cooperate with the main character in a quiet town, to open a chocolate shop and get a taste of life on the delicacies prepared for you?

Choice #4

“Life on loan” be E.M. Remarque

The novel "Life on loan" was first published in 1959 in Hamburg. In this thought-provoking and interesting piece of writing Remarque appears in the role of an experienced psychologist and philosopher, revealing the eternal themes of all time like love, life, death, freedom, and time. Unlike other author's novels, there is no place for politics there.

Each of the heroes of "Life on loan" differently perceives the problem of current life / time. Here you will have a great opportunity to ponder your own attitude towards life and assess your values.

Choice #5

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by R. Sharma

This book became a bestseller in many countries around the world. It tells us the extraordinary story of Julian Mantle - a lawyer, a millionaire, who had experienced a spiritual crisis. Plunging into the ancient culture, he changes his life; he discovers the effective and wise practical knowledge that will teach us:

                 • Positive thinking;
                 • How to live up to the vocation;
                 • How to realize the power of our mind and act with courage;
                  To save time is our greatest asset;
                 • How to cherish the relationship with other people;
                 • How to live in the present.

Hope you enjoyed this article and one of these books will change your life for the better!


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