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Jun 11, 2016

When I was younger, aside from playing ball games and gameboy, I also played with Barbie dolls. My grandmother spoiled me with almost any doll - from Barbie down to Kelly. I remember dressing up Barbie and even putting makeup on her face. Yes. Heard it right, I put makeup on Barbie using colorful mini markers. I usually change her lipstick, put eyeliner and eyeshadow. I always have a facial astringent and a cotton ball with me to erase it after a few minutes.

Contrary to my enjoyment in putting makeup on Barbie, I was too lazy to put anything on my face when I grew older. Those who knows me know I don't put heavy makeup on. I usually just use loose powder and lipstick. Yup, that's about it. I'm really not the kikay kind.

Then one day, as I was scrolling my Facebook Newsfeed, I came across a new and interesting app. I don't normally try out or download the apps I see boosted in Facebook since most of them are not really worth keeping afterall. I guess I was just really bored the other night so I gave it a try. I thought it would be a waste of time but this app turned out waaaaaay better than anyone could imagine!

The app is called #MakeupPlus. According to its Facebook App Page, it is a makeup try on app that lets you test out makeup brands, color pallets and trends before you buy them, inspiring you to experiment with new looks, find the best colors for your skin tone and find the best match for your personal style.

The app is FREE and very user friendly! You can choose from your existing photos or take a new one using the app's camera feature. There are ready-made makeup templates you can choose from or better yet, you can do the makeup yourself. You can apply foundation, blush, contour, lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow and even contacts! I'm honestly amazed at how accurate the placements of the makeup on the picture. You will have no problem putting on makeup especially the eyeliner and mascara, unless, of course, your face is far tilted sideways. I have a photo showing my bare face (as in nothing, not even powder) so that's what I used to check this app. The results were surprising!

Let me walk you through the app. I will be sharing with you the features and how it translates to the photo. The images are in gif so wait for it to move so you can see the difference of each feature. Enjoy!


As I said earlier, the app is very straightforward making it very user friendly. You can choose to take a new photo or use an image from your phone's photo album. There's also tutorials section where you can I watch makeup tutorials. The tutorials are in Korean but there's an English subtitle.



The first feature of this app are the pre-made makeup and the foundation. The foundation has 10 shades. When you use any foundation shade, it automatically cover blemishes; no need for concealer. I suggest you stick to your natural color so it won't look too edited.


There are four types of lipstick options: Glossy, Lips, Matte and Moisturize. NOTE: The applied lip color below may differ in actual app since these images are made as gif.


Glossy & Lips

As we all know, glossy lippies gives out that colored shiny look on the lips. If you will choose glossy as your lipstick, be sure to lessen the intensity so it won't look too edited. As for the lips, I believe this feature gives out that natural lip color; as if you don't have lipstick on. Be sure to choose which shade matches your actual lip color.


Matte & Moisturize

The matte lipstick feature is my favorite. It gives that real lipstick look compared to the others. While the moisturize feature is almost the same as the glossy, but with lesser gloss on the lips.



Blush Color & Blush Style

Under the blush feature, you have to choose which color first before choosing which blush style fits your face. You can adjust the intensity of the blush color. The intensity of my blush usually not greater than 50 or not lesser than 35.



There's also a contouring feature and I usually just use the default intensity. Use the maximum intensity if you wish to have a well-contoured face. As for the eyebrows, since I just had my eyebrows done, the difference of each option isn't that visible. But it still gives that defined brows especially if you put the intensity to 70+.



There are a decent number of eyeshadow swatches to choose from. If you're a brown skin like me, some of the eyeshadows might not be that visible even if you adjust the intensity.

The eyeliner on the other hand gives more definition to the eyes. Don't worry if your face is slightly titled because the app will adjust to have the eyeliner fit your eyes. It's not perfect but at least it's not that too obvious too. I tried putting eyeliner to one of my photo where my face was up close, slightly tilted and my eyes were slightly closed too. The result did not look edited at all.



Mascara is one of those features that enhances the eye. To get the best results, use the intensity between 70-89. The app has pretty good options for the mascara. So now, who needs those fake eyelashes that itches after some time? Hehe. As for the eyelids feature, it simply defines the eyelid area.



Personally, I use contacts as an alternative to prescription glasses but ever since I had an eye infection due to contact lenses, I stopped using it. With this app, I get to change the color of my eyes to make it seem I'm wearing one. For those who wear contacts as an accessory, they will surely love this feature.

The last feature in the app is the decoration. It has random options from eye stickers/tatts, freckles to facial hair. What's amazingly funny is the facial hair decors since it looks real when applied.


Luckily, I have a bare face photo stored in my phone's photo album. I took this shot a day after my eyebrow waxing session with Benefit Cosmetic ATC Branch. I used that photo to check the features of this app.


To achieve this makeup look, here are the details:

Foundation: #7 with intensity 45
Lipstick: Matte, RD05, intensity 60
Blush: Style #3, BE02 color, intensity 45
Contour: #1 with intensity 70
Eyebrows: #7 with intensity 70
Eyeshadow: PL01, intenisty 66
Eyeliner: L117, intensity 55
Mascara: N105, intensity 45
Contacts: Gleam, intensity 40

I posted the end result image in my Facebook and it earned 162 likes, 16 love and 11 wows as of writing. There 11 comments saying how beautiful the makeup was done. Some even asked what lipstick I used! It simply shows that the makeup I did through the app came out so realistic that no one noticed it was edited.

For someone like me who don't put on makeup, #MakeupPlus app is fun and helpful. I can look fabulous in the selfies I will upload on my social media accounts without using any real and actual makeup. Plus, I get to virtually experience wearing the makeup I cannot afford. Haha! Example: this maroon matte lipstick which has been a trend since last year.

This app relived my enjoyment in putting makeup. It's like playing Barbie all over again but this time, everything is done digitally and that the face I'm using is my own. Haha!

People especially girls should stop bashing other girls. Let's stop thinking that girls who put on makeup are not contented or are ugly or are insecure or are sluts. Let's stop the labeling. Let's just respect that some girls wear makeup and some girls don't. Wearing makeup doesn't make anyone less of a person. It doesn't also have to cost you much. *winks*

And as I said in my Facebook post...


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