Why I'm Loving CBTL

Jun 7, 2016

It was only recently that I began having coffee at CBTL. Thanks to Belle de Jour for pushing me to finally try them out. Before seeing the wonderful coupons that came with the planner, I have been wanting to try them out. Other bloggers  have been posting about CBTL which really caught my interest. However, because there's no CBTL near me, I couldn't find the right timing to try them out when I'm in Manila. But when I stayed in Fairview for a couple of days for a store opening event, I got to finally check them out.

My first visit was during breakfast. It was very early in the morning so there weren't many people in the cafe yet. I ordered their Brek O' Day and a Moroccan Mint tea. I didn't know that to access their wifi, I needed to have a Swirl Card. And because I will have to wait for a couple of hours more before the opening, I decided to get myself one. I never thought I'd be using it more often.

You can just imagine my happiness when I found out CBTL opened a branch in SM Dasmarinas. Not only was I going to use most of my Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf coupons from BDJ, I also found a new cafe to hang out in.

Why I'm loving CBTL

I'm really loving CBTL because of the following reasons:

1) Quiet Space

I've been a regular customer of a competitor brand but ever since their branches got too crowded by students and other netwoking agents, I stopped spending time there. It didn't feel cozy anymore. That's when I began loving CBTL. Their branches are mostly quiet and less people. In CBTL branches, I can enjoy doing my back logs or reading my books silently in one corner.

2) Food and Drinks

Because CBTL is new to me, I'm always excited to try their products. I'm loving how they have a variety of food from pastries to pasta dishes. I also like that their ice blended drinks and lattes are not too sweet compared to the former coffee shop I usually go to. 

3) Wifi Access

Though I had to avail the Swirl Card for a wifi access, it was worth it naman. Whenever I visit any CBTL store, if I present that card, I automatically get a free access unlike the other coffee shops that only gives you an hour access or worst, requires you to pay for it.

So far, the internet connection in the CBTL branches (SM Mall of Asia, Fairview Terraces, SM Dasmarinas, and Alabang Town Center) I've been to are reliable and amazingly fast.

4) Social Responsibility

I know that other leading coffee shops in the country have their own CSR, but personally, I can relate more to the social responsibility activities hosted by CBTL. One of my favorite recent CSR was the Give the Gift of Light. :)

5) Promotions

I am totally loving their promotions especially the promotions for their soon-to-open branches. I'm pretty sure I'm getting all email marketing collateral because of my Swirl Card. I have signed up with other coffee shop cards before but I never get continuous email updates regarding their latest offerings and/or newest activities.


I was just really scouting for a new coffee shop to hang out in especially when I'm in Metro Manila. I never thought that CBTL would be more than just a hang out place. I just don't feel at home when I'm in one of their branches... I actually feel like I'm a family. That's quite a nice feeling to have as a customer.

When I passed by the new Robinsons General Trias, I believe I saw a space for them there. Good to know CBTL is now opening branches in Cavite. Hopefully, they could open one in Batangas City too so other coffee lovers in the province can also savor the good food and drinks + experience the relaxing ambiance I'm truly enjoying.

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