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Jul 19, 2016

As early as elementary, I was already into arts and crafts. But it was only back in college when I discovered my passion for fashion. I wasn't a fashionista before college. Yes, I do wear what's trendy but that was it. I don't worry about how I look; I was comfortable with jeans and branded shirts. When I started college and met students who dress well in class, I felt I needed to fit in. I bought magazines to check what's trendy, how to mix match dresses and well, visit the thrift shops (more known as ukay-ukay). And that's when my fashion interest kicked in.

I was an impulsive buyer. I bought any fashion garment I find beautiful even if I don't really have to wear it. Because of this behavior, my room was filled with garments I don't even wear. So I decided to sell them. That was the birth of my online shop.

After a while, I felt I needed to know more about fashion and the industry as a whole. I searched online for fashion schools and enrolled myself in one for a certificate fashion marketing course. It was the closest and the most convenient fashion school for me during that time. I remember wishing for a fashion school located within Calabarzon. Well, that wish was granted this year, around May when FIDA Sewing and Arts School officially opened its business in Silang Cavite.

FIDA Sewing and Arts School is located at Unit 7, Stanford Suites, South Boulevard, Silang Cavite, near Ayala Westgrove entrance. FIDA or Fashion Institute of Design and Arts originated in Davao then they opened another in Cebu. Now, they have a branch in Cavite which is owned and headed by Christine Munda, who served as the academic director of the school I attended, SoFA (School of Fashion and the Arts).

The two branches in Davao and Cebu offers the full programs for fashion designing. As for this recently opened branch, they only offer workshop programs for individuals who wants to pursue their artistic hobbies  and interests. This branch offers more technical programs like sewing, pattern marking, draping, etc and special feature workshops like calligraphy, knitting and other arts and crafts classes. The special feature workshops will vary per month so if you want to know what workshop they will be having for the next months, visit their Facebook page or their website

The great thing about this school is that their regular classes will not have specific time schedule. An enrolled student will not be required to go there daily for the classes. They give you the convenience to attend your lessons on your available time. Let's say for example you are enrolled in their basic sewing class which has 24 sessions. You can visit the school any day and anytime (within the operating hours of course) to study your modules.

Another thing that sets this school apart from other workshops is that, since it's a small school, it's more like a one-on-one workshop. Even if there's other students working in the school, they may or may not be in the same module as yours. No pressure in keeping up with the lessons because you study and learn on your own and with the help of your teacher.

With their regular classes, there will still be exams after to see how much you've learned.

The school isn't that big but enough to cater a decent number of students. It was made artsy and crafty to have that cozy environment rather than having the usual classroom / school feel.

During their opening, they held an arm knitting workshop. It was my first time to hear this kind of technique. I did not join them for the workshop because I was interviewing the owner but after that, I sat down with the group to see how they do it. It seemed hard but looked entertaining.

They were creating a scarf that time. I can't imagine myself doing it. I would be really confused even if it was taught slowly, step-by-step. Observing the participants, I knew a lot of focus and patience is needed to do it. And I wasn't mentally ready for that workshop when I went there. Haha! But that's been included in my bucketlist. Gotta try that someday.

As mentioned earlier, their special feature workshops vary every month. They invite resource persons from different places and different fields to facilitate the workshop. How exciting is that?

If you have a talent or skill you want to share, FIDA Sewing and Arts School can be your workshop venue. They are open for workshop collaborations. Contact them directly for more details.

By the way, would you believe that you will not be required to buy or bring any material for their regular classes and special features? Yup! They provide ALL materials for their classes and workshops. All you have to bring is yourself to the school! 

You will not be required to pay in full for their regular classes. Though you will be asked to give a downpayment and the balance for installment. You may the rates and other information of their full courses and upcoming workshops here.

FIDA Sewing and Arts School not only aims to provide a place for learning but also aims to build a community of creatives that find joy in sharing their sewing and crafting passion or interests.

FIDA Sewing and Arts School
Address: Unit 7, Stanford Suites, South Boulevard, Silang, Cavite, Philippines
Contact number: 0917.327.1069


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