Today, I was able to visit 141 Prinza Cafe because I had to go to our Municipal Hall to do some errands. Before I speak about this cafe, let me just say how satisfied I am with processing and overall service of the General Trias Munisipyo. From requests to payments, everything was well-organized. Keep up the good work you guys!
Now, back to the cafe. We always pass this cafe when we go to Manila. At night, I usually see it filled with people so I was curious to try them out. It was only today that I had the chance.
I wasn't that hungry because I had a heavy breakfast but I wanted to eat something before I head home. I was somehow craving for a carbonara but unfortunately they did not have it on their menu. I was eyeing for the pancit bihon but then I saw Cheesy Nachos in their menu so I chose that instead.
Honestly, I am no vegetable eater. When the dish was served, I was surprised because I was expecting just cheese in the nachos. Sayang because I wouldn't be eating any of it. But I kind liked it was mixed with the nachos because it gave more flavor to it. The serving size was fair and the nachos was crunchy.
For my drink, I ordered a Mocha Frappe. I usually order mocha on the cafes I'm having my first visit in. I just love to see how they create their mocha frappes differently. And it was why I'm so used to sweet yet strong mocha taste on frappes which I did not taste from this cute glass. I cannot say it did not taste good but it just wasn't what I usually expect from my mocha  frappe. To me, it just lacks sweetness or that distinct mocha flavor. Nevertheless, I still got to finish it. Okay parin naman.

The cafe has decent space and has that homey ambiance. The simplicity actually allows you to just enjoy your orders and the company of a friend or a special someone.
The staff there too are friendly, who welcomes every customer with joyful greetings and smiles. I was told that they do not have wifi now but the owners are working on getting the connection to the cafe.
Overall, I had a pleasant time at this cafe. I will definitely be back. I have to try their other offers considering that the price is very affordable.
If you want to visit them as well, they are located in #141 Prinza St, General Trias Cavite (corner of Arnaldo Highway and Gov Ferrer Drive). Since they are in the very corner of these roads/streets, they do not have a parking area. I'm just not sure if there's a pay parking nearby.
They open from 2PM to 10PM, Mondays to Sundays. You may call them on their mobile 0995-601-9880 for any inquiry. You may also check their Facebook page for updates and promos.

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