Who loves cheese? I do! But I only get to appreciate cheese when we have to cook spaghetti for a special occasion (kasi hindi titipirin ang cheese para sa bisita) or during merienda; having Eden cheese or Cheez Wiz as palaman. So when I heard there's a fast food that offer meals that has everything but cheese, I immediately grabbed the chance to try them out!

Everything but Cheese is a fast food restaurant serving meals filled with different kinds of cheese and not the usual processed cheese that we know of. They wanted the Philippine market to taste cheeses from different cultures and incorporated it with the kind of meal we love eating.

Their 5 Must-Try Cheesy Meals

1. Baked Bacon Mac & Cheese

I'm so in love with pasta and this is, by far, the cheesiest mac & cheese I have tasted! Which makes this my favorite from now on! Actually, it's amazing to find out how this pasta has three (3) kinds  of cheese on it, yet hindi sya nakakaumay at all. The cheese that were combined to make this delicious dish are cheddar, parmesan and colby jack. 

2. Beef Philly Cheesesteak Rice

This is my second favorite talaga! But a little trivia muna for others who are not familiar with Philly Cheesesteak...it's originally a sandwich. But since rice is Pinoy's staple food, EBC made it to a rice meal para mas mabusog tayo. It's my first time to eat rice with mozzarella cheese and it was flavorful! Having this for lunch would really keep you full and satisfied until dinner time.

3. Buffalo Cream Cheese Sandwich

Honestly, I've been avoiding spicy food as it triggers my asthma. I accidentally took a bite of this sandwich and tasted its spiciness. Pero ito na yung pagkain na may anghang na nakaya kong tiisin at kainin. Plus, hindi na-trigger ang asthma ko. I actually took a few more bites kasi masarap sya. Sinabayan ko nalang ng chocolate milkshake para medyo mawala yung anghang sa dila. This is ideal for those looking for a savory kind of merienda.

4. Chicken & Cheddar Cheesy Burger

I have tried chicken cheese burgers from other fast food chains and I would say this is different from the them because of the cheese they used and how the chicken was cooked. The cheese is overflowing and best consumed as soon as served. 

5. Classic 3-Cheese and Spicy Pimiento & Pepper Jack Cheese Fondue

These are the star of their menu! The Fondue! They have two options:  One is their Classic 3-Cheese Fondue which has, hence the name, 3 classic cheese: double cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese. It also comes with french fries, nachos,onion rings and a chicken teriyaki!

Classic 3-Cheese Fondue

The second one is their Spicy Pimiento & Pepper Jack Cheese fondue which comes with nachos, chicken teriyaki, mojos and bacon-wrapped mozzarella sticks. As mentioned earlier, I avoid spicy food so I gave a pass for this. But according to my friends who tried it, there was this distinct taste they can't seem to describe but it tastes good. They wanted me to try it because they think I can handle it. Maybe in my next visit I'll give it a shot but I'll bring some friends to share it. Baka hindi ko kayanin mag-isa. Hehe.

Spicy Pimiento & Pepper Jack Cheese Fondue

For drinks, we ordered their milkshakes. They have three (3) flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla and Mocha Caramel. They have other drinks like blue lemonade and iced tea but we opted for the milkshake which we believed compliments all the cheese we consumed.

◢  About Everything But Cheese 

Say hello to Sir Ben, the owner of Everything but Cheese. He's just 26 years old and he's able to put up this unique business concept. We were given the privilege to interview him quickly and he shared to use a few details how EBC Started.

Everything But Cheese started small, back in 2015, with just 7m² and was located in Plaza Hugo, Sta. Ana. Initially, they started serving sandwiches and sausage but as time goes by, they had to innovate to keep up with the market's wants and needs.

We initially thought that this was a family business. Turns out, it wasn't and it was his sole idea to up a business after college. He was an accountancy graduate and instead of taking the board exams, he chose to start a business with just about Php30,000 as capital. By 2017 they were  able to move to a bigger space in FC Square Plaza. By 2018, just last year, investors approached him which is why they were able to open branches in Sherwood Taft and Ever Manila Plaza. Actually, they will be opening a new branch in SM City Manila this month! So do watch out for it.

What an inspiration for other people with entrepreneurial mind, right?!


Simple answer: THE CHEESES! As mentioned earlier, they aim to provide the Philippine market with a variety of cheese from different cultures. Hindi natin basta matitikman yan sa ibang fast food who most likely use processed cheeses. So to have EBC serving different meals with different kinds of cheese at an affordable price, should be enough reason for you to visit and try them out:

📍 EBC Sta Ana Manila (2:00 PM - 12:00 MN)
2322 FC Square Commercial Center Plaza Hugo Sta Ana Manila 

📍 EBC Sherwood Taft (11:00 AM -11:00 PM)
2264 Sherwood Place Commercial Center, Taft Avenue, Malate Manila. Near DLSU Manila. 

📍 EBC Ever Manila Plaza (9:30 AM - 9:00 PM)
C.M. Recto Cor. Nicanor Reyes Manila, Near FEU & UE Manila


I'm definitely going back! I plan to visit their upcoming branch in  SM Manila or at least their Taft branch since it would be closer for me. I want to try their garlic parmesan wings because I heard that's one of their best-sellers.

I also wish they'd have one within Dasmarinas, Cavite para mas malapit na sa akin. Hehe!


                                                               Value for Money: 
                                                               Customer Service: 


Have you tried them out?
If yes, feel free to comment your experience with them
in the comment section below. I'd love to hear them!


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Assembly Grounds at The Rise keeps you satisfied through the weekend.

After a long, stressful week at work, there’s nothing like using that hard-earned time to kick back and enjoy the best in life. For people who live and work in North Makati (NOMA), Assembly Grounds at The Rise offers a bunch of ways to chill and relax, enjoying the best food and pampering treatments. 

Enjoy unlimited Korean BBQ at Premier the Samgyupsal. The meat is succulent, the side dishes are limitless, and there are enough flavors and textures to keep taste buds occupied for a long time. Diners can get premier-grade meats, imported melted cheese dip, and more authentic dishes. Bring the entire barkada for a fun weekend feast!

Take some time for self-care! Focusing on appearance isn’t just about looking good, it’s about feeling good, restoring a sense of self after a debilitating week behind that office desk. With /nook/ urban family salon + spa, both men and women can avail of top-notch pampering treatments, from facials to haircuts!

Chomp on some cheesy, meaty meals. When craving for juicy steak, crunchy nachos, and a dash of lime, head on over to Fiery Style Southwestern Flaming Grill, the place to be for Southwestern Tex-Mex food. This perpetually festive restaurant is always alive with a vibrant cocktail bar or a live acoustic set, and when the most important thing in the world is a Friday night agenda, you can always rely on a hefty drink and a sizzling plate of spiced steak.

Set an appointment for a gentleman. Got a bunch of fun engagements this weekend? Then looking dapper is a must. At Sanbry Men’s Grooming House, every guy becomes a gentleman, what with their bachelor-pad setup and expert grooming skills. You’ll walk out looking like the toast of the town.

Savor a hot bowl of ramen. Is it a rainy weekend? Want to just stay in the area and enjoy something toasty and perfect? Then get a seat at Ramen Daisho, an authentic Fukuoka ramen restaurant that uses ingredients sourced directly from one of Japan’s Ramen Masters. With chewy, slippery noodles swimming in a bowl of savory broth, a rainy weekend will always be a happy weekend. 

With all these things to do right in the heart of NOMA, Assembly Grounds at The Rise is the ideal place for the thriving community to make every minute of the weekend worthwhile!

For inquiries, call 8-298-8000 loc. 4 or visit www.assemblygroundsattherise.com.

Follow Assembly Grounds on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @assemblygrounds.


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We are almost at the end of year 2019. Realizing now that it's only 42 days to go, it really excites me. I look forward the coming year for I know it will bring us more blessings. I will welcome the new year with a more positive attitude. I will be more open to opportunities and push for what I love doing. I plan to maximize year 2020 and what better way to do it than to have a useful planner, right?

Actually, last month I began searching for 2020 planners. There are so many gorgeous looking planners out in the market. I won't deny I wanted to buy those too. But because I'm more prudent now, I searched for a planner that is affordable and still functional. I saw some very cheap planners on Shopee however, some were small which means it lacks space for notes. That won't work for me since I write so many things.

Luckily last night, I found the exact planner I'm looking for. I first saw it from Expressions but they only had two (2) design left so I checked the Department Store  (SM Dasma) if they also had those planners & fortunately, they have five (5) designs! Of course I bought the pink one.

This planner is a product of Sterling Paper and is being sold for Php199.75 only! The cover designs are pretty simple. To some people, the pages might look plain & boring. But for me, it's waaay better!

I love that it doesn't have specific dates on the pages and that it's this basic which gives it more space for notes! For a freelancer like me, this is very ideal since I can have a hectic schedule today but would have no schedule for tomorrow. The area on the page for tomorrow can be used for additional notes today. So simple yet so functional!

I think I have also grown tired of planners with too much design on them. I know how colors & other designs help uplift our mood but often times, the designs take so much space. I couldn't maximize the page with all my important reminders because I'm somewhat forced to make my handwriting smaller than the usual just so it can fit. Besides, having plain pages gives me chance to design it myself with stickers, highlighters, sketches, etc.

By the way, it has these special page upfront. This page will be an easy reference especially for those government ID numbers. Because right now, I have a pocket size notebook for these information and I honestly often forget to bring it. I don't have to worry about that anymore for I'm sure to always have this planner with me.

There's also additional pages at the end of the planner. Ten (10) ruled pages, twenty (20) dotted pages and thirteen (13) blank pages.

Actually, there's another planner, still from Sterling Paper, which had a harder cover which is sold for Php299.75. Then they also have pocket size planners / diaries but I wasn't able to check how much.

Here's a picture from Mr. Ythan Francisco showing the different planners of Sterling Paper.

You can check out the Department Stores & Bookstores near you if they have Sterling Paper Planners available. If you choose to buy one and if you upload a photo of it, please use the hashtag #2020withSterling so I can view your posts. Don't forget to set your settings public!

Thank you for reading through this post. Feel free to share your thoughts about this planner in the comment section below.


"A goal without a plan is just a dream."


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Sobrang pumatok ang lip and cheek tint kaya naging opportunity ito para sa mga business minded individuals. However, one of the struggles was finding the right supplier. Dahil nga sobrang in demand sya, nagkakaubusan ng supplies. Kaya marami ang nakaisip na hanapin ang mga manufacturer para sa kanila na direktang kukuha ng products. Dun na nag simula yung mas bigger opportunity which was "rebranding" or "repacking". Ito yung bibilhin nila ng wala pang brand yung products pag dating sa kanila, sila na bahala mag lagay ng logo o ilagay ang mismong produkto sa packaging na napili ni seller or distributor.

Pero hindi nag tagal, dahil parin sa growing demand, nahirapan ang mga manufacturers to serve all their clients. Nag simula na madelay ang production. The quality of the products were beginning to be compromised due to the differences in consistency and shade kasi nga sa iba't ibang suppliers and manufacturers na kumukuha ang sellers just to have something to offer. Dito sa puntong ito, nag bukas ang idea ng DIY lip tints. Yun bang iisipin mo nalang gumawa kesa umasa sa suppliers na may maraming customers na iniintindi.

I'm honestly one of those who wanted to try pero like what I always do, I do my research first bago ako sumabak sa business idea na gusto kong pasukin. And through my research, I found numerous DIY tutorials that use mostly food coloring. Alam ko na hindi yun ang klase ng ingredients na ginagamit ng manufacturers so I kept searching until I found people selling their own lip tint formula for quite a decent price. Gusto ko narin sana noon patusin pero in my mind, "How would I know if tama yung formula na binibigay sa akin, kung di ko fully naiintindihan kung paano talaga sya ginagawa?" Fortunately, I found a workshop na within Cavite na, within my area pa!

Lip Color 101 is a workshop on basic formulation of lip products. It is conducted by Engr. Cyrille Tila of Apthera Cosmetics. Sa ngayon, sa Dasmariñas, Cavite ginaganap ang mga workshops nya, either in a form of a group or one-on-one workshop. The one I attended was a group workshop with 11 participants.

I was very excited kasi finally, matututunan ko na kung paano nga ba ginagawa yung mga nakikita kong bulk containers filled with liptint mixtures. Actually, I thought I was only going to learn the right ingredients and it's correct measurements plus how to mix them altogether but guess what?! I learnt so much more in this workshop!

Imagine, nalaman ko ang different types of oil, their benefits and what each one can do when mixed with other ingredients.

Alam nyo rin ba na kahit natural ingredients ang ginamit sa pag gawa ng cosmetics - may it be a lip product or something else - basta may water na ingredient, napapanis sya?

Did you also know that despite the medicinal properties of essentials oils, hindi sya adviseable gamitin for lip products? Essential oils are very potent and can burn our lips. Besides, it's also not advisable to ingest essential oils.

Those are just some of the things I learned even before we started the workshop. As in, there's so much learning! Which is why I highly suggest you attend this workshop; not just to learn what ingredients to use but to understand how each of those ingredients work and the effects of each one when mixed with others. Kasi pag naintindihan mo talaga kung ano ang properties ng bawat element, matututunan mo na kung paano mo sya lalaruin to produce a new merchandise na magiging sunod na trending sa market.

As we went on, mas nakita at naintindihan namin yung mga properties ng ingredients na binanggit ni Ms. Cy in the first half of the workshop. Like for example, when we were measuring or weighing the different types of oil, we learned that Grapeseed Oil is lighter than Castor Oil and Coconut Oil.

Yung ginawa namin na lash and brow serum ay hindi pure castor oil. But that doesn't mean it's less effective than the pure castor oil serums like how other sellers claim in the market. Kailangan lang talaga na mahaluan sya ng ibang oil kasi malagkit sya. Magiging heavy sya sa pilik mata kung purong castor oil sya.

Yung mga ginamit naman namin para gumawa ng lip scrub ay parang similar sa pag gawa ng cotton candy. I'm not even joking! Lalo na nung ang napiling flavor oil na gagamitin was the bubble gum and strawberry. Parang ang sarap nalang papakin nung lip scrub. Haha!

After the lip scrub, we proceeded with the liptint formulation. That's when everything went red and messy! Haha! We were taught how to create semi-gel and gel-based liptints. We also created powdered matter lip tints. Quite scary na sa point na toh kasi marami na ang ingredients. Kailangan na ng matinding focus sa pagsukat at paghalo.

Hindi naman sya ganun kahirap gawin as long as you know what ingredients to use and what to do in case gusto mo baguhin yung consistency, taste or even the shade. At yun talaga yung best part nitong workshop, Ms. Cy will guide really guide you so that you would understand everything as you create the products.

I have to say, slightly matrabaho (hindi mahirap) gumawa ng gel-based liptints. We needed to blend the gum with the rest of the ingredients. That's why we had to use a stick blender para mas mapadali ang paggawa. At kasi may kailangan rin ma-achieve na consistency na hindi basta makukuha sa pag halo lang ng kamay.

The additional lip products we created were tinted lip balms and lipstick. Then we also created eyebrow pomade which I'm very happy with kasi Karla and I really worked hard to get the measurements right. Tsaka ang ganda kasi nung end product na nagawa namin.

Worth it ba yung workshop for its price?

My personal opinion, YES!

As I kept mentioning earlier, very hands-on and informative si Cy when it comes to the ingredients. She makes sure we understood how each ingredient works para mapaglaruan at makapag experiment kami ng bagong product na gusto namin introduce sa market. When you join her workshop, you will be amazed at how she knows all the ingredients by heart. Yung tipong nalilito kami kung alin ang gum at alin ang sugar kasi parang magkapareho lang sila ng hitsura pero sya, just by carefully looking at it (or smelling it), alam nya which is which. What's more amusing was when she knows which of the colorants were FD&C, D&C, Iron Oxide, etc. Wala kasi label yung ibang containers because she mentioned she just recently washed them. Sobrang nakakahanga yung knowledge nya.

If after the workshop, when you're trying everything you learned at home, then suddenly find yourself in trouble with either the measurement or ingredient, don't worry! Kasi hindi natatapos yung assistance nya sayo. Meron syang dedicated group chat where you can reach her and other workshop attendees for any help. They're all supportive there.

Gustong gusto ko ibahagi dito yung iba pang natutunan ko but I want you to learn it yourself through Ms. Cyrille. I want you to go through the actual formulation too kasi masaya yung buong proseso lalo na kung kasama mo yung mga taong kasing eager mo matuto. I'm very thankful to have completed this workshop with Karla, Chelsea and Car Shee. I'm also very thankful to Ms. Cyrille for the opportunity to attend this kind of workshop. Hindi po sya madamot kasi kahit supplier kung saan sya kumukuha ng ingredients, sinasabi nya.

Take a look at how we were in the workshop through these videos:

YTC: Travel with Karla

YTC: Reel Carshee

Want to attend the workshop?

Reach Ms. Cyrille for the next schedule through any of the following:

Apthera Cosmetics in Facebook
Email: alvaranckg@yahoo.com
Contact Numbers: 0926.370.4656 / 0921.838.4246

Don't forget to come back here to tell us your workshop experience!