Affordable Planner for 2020!

Nov 19, 2019

We are almost at the end of year 2019. Realizing now that it's only 42 days to go, it really excites me. I look forward the coming year for I know it will bring us more blessings. I will welcome the new year with a more positive attitude. I will be more open to opportunities and push for what I love doing. I plan to maximize year 2020 and what better way to do it than to have a useful planner, right?

Actually, last month I began searching for 2020 planners. There are so many gorgeous looking planners out in the market. I won't deny I wanted to buy those too. But because I'm more prudent now, I searched for a planner that is affordable and still functional. I saw some very cheap planners on Shopee however, some were small which means it lacks space for notes. That won't work for me since I write so many things.

Luckily last night, I found the exact planner I'm looking for. I first saw it from Expressions but they only had two (2) design left so I checked the Department Store  (SM Dasma) if they also had those planners & fortunately, they have five (5) designs! Of course I bought the pink one.

This planner is a product of Sterling Paper and is being sold for Php199.75 only! The cover designs are pretty simple. To some people, the pages might look plain & boring. But for me, it's waaay better!

I love that it doesn't have specific dates on the pages and that it's this basic which gives it more space for notes! For a freelancer like me, this is very ideal since I can have a hectic schedule today but would have no schedule for tomorrow. The area on the page for tomorrow can be used for additional notes today. So simple yet so functional!

I think I have also grown tired of planners with too much design on them. I know how colors & other designs help uplift our mood but often times, the designs take so much space. I couldn't maximize the page with all my important reminders because I'm somewhat forced to make my handwriting smaller than the usual just so it can fit. Besides, having plain pages gives me chance to design it myself with stickers, highlighters, sketches, etc.

By the way, it has these special page upfront. This page will be an easy reference especially for those government ID numbers. Because right now, I have a pocket size notebook for these information and I honestly often forget to bring it. I don't have to worry about that anymore for I'm sure to always have this planner with me.

There's also additional pages at the end of the planner. Ten (10) ruled pages, twenty (20) dotted pages and thirteen (13) blank pages.

Actually, there's another planner, still from Sterling Paper, which had a harder cover which is sold for Php299.75. Then they also have pocket size planners / diaries but I wasn't able to check how much.

Here's a picture from Mr. Ythan Francisco showing the different planners of Sterling Paper.

You can check out the Department Stores & Bookstores near you if they have Sterling Paper Planners available. If you choose to buy one and if you upload a photo of it, please use the hashtag #2020withSterling so I can view your posts. Don't forget to set your settings public!

Thank you for reading through this post. Feel free to share your thoughts about this planner in the comment section below.


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